Dr. Ron’s Ultra Pure Body Care Body Lotion

Good Morning for Day 4 of The Five Fish “FREE” Week!

Okay so we are showcasing the talented Dr. Ron again because why…..well we love his preservative free, super smelling products, and well they were FREE to try out so why not?

Today the review is of the Dr. Ron’s Ultra Pure Body Care MSM Body Lotion in Kiwi. Sounds delish right? Well it absolutely is! Here is why I love lotion so much and wanted a preservative free lotion. I am a native of Arizona, when you think of Arizona you think Grand Canyon, Phoenix, HOT…..BLOODY HOT!! Then if you have ever met a native we always tell you, “It’s a Dry Heat.” We are truly full of it when we tell you this…..it’s so hot you can bake yourself and a batch of cookies, your lipstick can melt in seconds, and your cell phone can be cooked so fast you have to put it in the freezer just to see the screen again. Plus shorts….forget it, when you get in your car the bottoms of your thighs just took a scorching too, they are now “tender loins”! Anyway, being that the weather here is so…dry…our skin is as well requiring lots of re-hydration. Plus swimming in the summer further parches our environmental armor, which means we need more lotion. Not all lotions are exactly alike. I have used Vaseline, I have used Nivea, I have used Aquaphor, I have used Aveeno, I have used everything known to man to soften and quench my poor skin. I am lucky I don’t look like saddles bags walking my skin is so leathery. My skin also is prone to break outs, by break outs I mean all of the sudden I will have a rash……..not sure where it came from, which product, but more than likely from my lotion or perfume so I have to be safe in what I use so I don’t look like a spotted red leopard.


If you don’t know Dr. Ron, check him out and here is some background and info on the

MSM Body Lotion in Kiwi:

MSM Body Lotion – Unscented or Kiwi

  • A 15% MSM solution and botanical extracts in a base of apricot, almond and jojoba oils moisturizes, refreshes, restores and protects your skin.
    Soothing to aching muscles and joints.
    Use as a hand lotion, or after a shower or bath over the entire body.
    Unscented is a gentler formulation, for those with sensitive skin.
    Kiwi is scented with a higher concentration essential oils, including kiwi oil. Unscented and Kiwi, each eight ounces

When Dr. Ron sent me the shipment of all the beauty products, my first true product that I tried was the lotion. I am a lotion whore!! Ask my sister, she saw my endless collection of designer perfumes and lotions. But this lotion was like no other that I had tried. I put some on immediately after opening my bag of goodies. At first I smelled…..love the smell. A very soft, subtle, delicate hint of kiwi that isn’t overbearing where you end up smelling like a tween at a school dance or like that stripper from your DH’s, buddy’s bachelor party….girls you know the smell! Anyway, I was reveling…..and then I applied.

Hmmmm, silky, soft, smooth, glides over every inch without having to reapply more, hmm, not sticky, still damp. So I gave the lotion a bit more time so I could really gauge the effectiveness and overall results. The damp feeling subsided which was very nice, I hate feeling like I just lubed up with something, I want to feel like a woman, not someone who is attempting a circus feat. Some lotions leave this greasy, heavy residue and often all the perfumes and other additives make my skin feel weird and even more dried. Or the damp and sticky feeling stays and when you get dressed your clothes stick to you. So I liked that Dr. Ron’s lotion dried but without drying me out. So ladies and gents if you love you some lotion but don’t want to smell like you put on perfume, but you still want to smell fresh then Dr. Ron’s is the way to go.

Make it a great Thursday!! The week is almost up…tomorrow is internal review day!


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4 Replies to “Dr. Ron’s Ultra Pure Body Care Body Lotion”

  1. I wonder how that would work on my daughter’s skin. She has such terrible skin she feels like a scaley reptile. Poor girl, she doesn’t like it either, it’s itchy!

  2. Seriously my hands are always cracked from dealing with the kids, AZ weather is just harsh, and from washing all the time plus yard work, etc. And when I put that stuff on….heaven!! When I washed my hands, still soft, I didn’t feel like I needed to go put more lotion on like I normally do. I was really surprised and delighted…I am the biggest skeptic.

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