Easy Chicken and Dumplings Recipe

I am normally a huge fan of desserts. Starting any meal with a dessert is truly living. But I live in a world where the reality is we cannot always have our cake and eat it too. So I substitute with some amazing comfort foods that warm my family’s belly’s as well as their hearts; The Chad loved to eat this favorite while growing up on air force bases. It’s a fairly inexpensive and goes the mile type of meal, sure to have plenty of leftovers, and let’s be honest….the leftovers are ALWAYS better the next day.

chicken dumplings4-6 chicken breasts, cooked, diced and or shredded

1 & 1/2 c of Kirkland Organic Mixed vegetables (potatoes, corn, green beans, carrots, celery), I like frozen, you can just toss them in and forget about it.

Organic Chicken broth (generally about 3-4 cups depending on how many people you are feeding)

Cream of Chicken soup is the shortcut way, I like to mix some heavy cream with my homemade Organic Chicken Broth.

Salt and pepper to flavor

1 bay leaf

For the Dumplings:
2 1/2 c Bisquick (I like to scratch bake my biscuits as opposed to using Bisquick, the choice is yours)
2/3 c. milk

In a large pot, dutch oven, crock pot, or Cuisinart Multi-Cooker like mine, simmer chicken, broth, vegetables, until vegetables are tender maybe an hour or more depending on how much flavor you want your vegetables to absorb. I personally slow cook my chicken overnight to have them fall apart and shred on their own into the pot.

Slowly add cream of chicken (or cream) and stir gently ever careful not to boil. Add bay leaf and let simmer for 20 minutes, skim out the leaf before the dumplings. While simmering mix the Bisquick and milk until a dough forms and slowly drop into soup mixture, cover and let cook for 10 minutes or until dough rises like bread and biscuits form. Remove from heat and ladle out into a bowl, serve with butter and pepper.



16 Replies to “Easy Chicken and Dumplings Recipe”

  1. I am going to try this recipe. A lot of people I know don’t put any veggies in their recipes but that is how my grandmother used to do it, as she got older she used those canned biscuit things for the dumplings because of her arthritis. It was still great 🙂

  2. (Easy Chicken and Dumplings Recipe) Wow! This recipe is super simple to make. Another one to write down and file away in my recipe box for sure. Thank-you for sharing it-

  3. Oh this sounds delicious. I thought it would be a complicated recipe and take forever. Thanks for posting and showing how easy this would be. A great dish for this Artic weather we’re having here in New Jersey. Thanks for sharing.
    Carol L

  4. I have beenlooking for a recipe more like my grandmothers for a while and this seems to be the best Ive found so far. Thanks

  5. I’ve only had chicken and dumplings as a soup, and when I saw the title of this post that’s what I assumed this recipe would be for. So I was surprised to see something completely different! This looks really delicious. Thanks for sharing!

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