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While debating and circling ideas about credit policy and guidelines with my fellow co-workers a comment in regard to organic foods was brought about. I mentioned the word organic and a myriad of comments came flying at me. A barrage per se of assumptions, half ass remarks that were lacking credibility and a sound argument for which they could post upon. An even farther fetched comment was made, “I bet you are one of those parent’s that won’t even vaccinate your kids.”

I finally drew the line in the sand.

Feeding your kids organic foods is NOT the same as not vaccinating them. Protecting them from the harmful effects of DDT remnant water and dirt is not the same as choosing not to vaccinate against debilitating illnesses like polio. Apples and carrots, totally different. Of which I was offended a the comment. So much has been convoluted about buying and eating organic. The word organic is more or less a marketing ploy to those who are unaware of the meaning. When I hear or comprehend the word organic I think of something completely raw, unmodified, untouched, pure, wholesome and positive. I am really quite unsure why people have such a negative connotation surrounding organic.

Maybe the lack of education that the reason I go organic is because my kids will taste their foods, they will appreciate their foods, they will be able to identify foods that are outside of the norm of green leaf lettuce, bananas, apples and grapes. My kids know about fresh granola, fresh raisins that are not stuffed into a box, they know about peppers and cabbage and kale chips. One of my twins only drinks soy milk, of which I only buy organic. He is a soy freak, this makes my heart happy knowing he is making his own health decision because I have positioned him in life to appreciate and enjoy the flavor of good, raw, healthy foods. Not processed, double processed, oiled, trans fat, Round Up immune foods that could lead to build up of carcinogens in his body that he simply cannot process.

I breathe easy at night knowing that my daughter will not mature prematurely because of hormones in her foods and milks. She will not be susceptible to the dangers of breast cancer or other cancers due to choice in diet. Her drink of choice is water or milk. If they indulge in anything other than that it is generally an organic tea brewed by the sun. She snacks on organic baby carrots and could be the spokesgirl for Stoneyfield organic yogurt. My daughter lives and breathes for yogurt.

My head will hit my pillow ever so gently at night knowing that my eldest son has become more focused on an organic diet. The free radicals and processes in most foods I believe interfere in his brain function. I cannot make medical claims, but I can see a dramatic difference between the foods he eats at home and the foods he may eat at school. He has more energy and he craves those healthy foods and not the junk.

Our bodies become addicts to the shit, yes shit, in these foods. Including the ones with noticeable tastes due to chemicals. My meats taste better, my milk is smoother, my bread is healthier. Just remember that organic is a lifestyle and a choice. You can choose to live healthy or you can choose what would seem to be healthy.

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  1. Upon research about 2 years ago, because of my daughters allergies and eczema, I have found out so much about the “poison” that most people are eating and its frustrating because the large companies could care less about our health and even “natural” foods have to be investigated

  2. I read that soy milk is not good, especially for boys- perhaps almond milk is better but I have to furthur investigate and just throught I would throw that out there in case it is true

    1. Funny you say that…I researched soy for the longest time and because it is a natural estrogen creating product people assume it will make your child more feminine and presumably gay. But since he only drinks the milk in lieu of cows milk we have been cleared by his pediatrician as a healthy, low fat alternative and his body seems to accept it better than regular milk. Almond milk is actually the worst milk to drink due to its low nutritional value.

  3. When my son was 15 mo. or so he went through a stage where he would throw up everytime we gave him milk so we gave him soy milk for a while but it didnt last long.

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