Feed Your Cravings Guilt Free with Tandoor Chef

I love the new year. Chock full of resolutions most of us cannot keep past February. Most of us fall off the wagon because we start craving the foods we love, ache and sneak in to eat hoping no one saw that whip cream at the edge of our lips. Sticking to your resolution goals shouldn’t be the challenge, you can feed those cravings guilt free with Tandoor Chef. Personally I love great Indian and Thai food…my husband can nail me for it any day of the week, but I can overdo the eating feeling bloated and killing my meal plan. Tandoor Chef is a great on the go, frozen meal option that can help you stay on track with counting those calories without falling off the “diet” wagon.

thefivefish.com, tandoor chef, indian cuisineIn the early 1970’s, Mrs. Bhagwati Amin’s love for good authentic cuisine gave birth to a hobby. She had a passion for sharing the cuisine and culture of her homeland, and served delicious food to friends and neighbors at every possible opportunity. In just a short time, her products became very popular. In 1977, Mrs. Amin and her husband began work on what is today Deep Foods – producing a full line of Tandoor Chef frozen appetizers, entrées and side dishes that delight households across the United States. Today the Tandoor Chef brand remains a family affair, now incorporating the second generation who spends a great deal of time in the kitchen, dreaming up new entrées for you to enjoy.

thefivefish.com, tandoor chef, indian cuisineSince my recent schedule has not allowed me to enjoy a great sit down meal out at my favorite Indian restaurant I haven’t had a chance to feed my guilty pleasure. With that being said, Tandoor Chef provided me with two coupons to explore the variety of dishes from appetizers to main course, and even naan pizzas. Opting for a meal slash appetizer I snagged some samosas (which are always a favorite of mine and my children) and the curry chicken.

Props to Deep Foods, Tandoor Chef as I was pleasantly surprised to the taste and authenticity of their meals. I noshed on these the other day while getting a bit of work done and enjoyed the taste and flavor. Many of their meals are under 300 calories and offer options like gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan to accommodate many different types of diets. If you are making New Years resolutions goals and challenges and want to stay on track yet enjoy a few guilty pleasures check out the frozen food aisle and Tandoor Chef.

Disclaimer: I was provided two coupons to review Tandoor Chef at no cost, this has no impact to my opinion or outlook of the product and or services.

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