Fad Diets and You

Your health is one of your most relevant and important concerns. An area that greatly impacts your overall health and wellbeing is your diet. The need to eat better and live healthier is a challenge people face every day and there are many services helping people do just that. GoEatRightNow.com allows you to track your eating habits in a more in-depth way and understand your relationship with food and why you eat the way you do. Understanding your relationship with food is key to changing your diet for the long term and achieving results that last. Continue reading “Fad Diets and You”

What Are the Different Types of Olive Oil?

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Italian olive oil is one of the most common oils used in cooking and in recipes. Olives are washed and then crushed into a paste. The past is soaked in water and then a centrifuge is used to separate the oil and water from the soil pieces. After that, the water is removed leaving the oil behind.  When you want to purchase olive oil from https://ninideluca.com/, it is helpful to know the different kinds of olive oil, so you can purchase the right one for your needs.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This is considered to be the highest grade of olive oil. It comes from virgin olive oil production, which means no chemicals are used. Some think this type of olive oil has the best taste. It is 0.8 percent free acidity. This is perfect for use in salads as a dressing. It is light. Extra Virgin Olive Oil may look and taste different based on the brand.

Virgin Olive Oil

This olive oil is slightly less quality than that of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It has about 1.5 percent free acidity. It has a great mild flavor and it perfect for sautéing and frying and other low heat cooking. This is not a refined oil. It has a cold pressed extraction method. This allows a natural aroma and flavor. This type of oil is resistant to changes in temperature.

Refined Olive Oil

If you see a label that says pure olive oil or just olive oil, it is usually a refined olive oil. It is typically extracted from black and ripe olives. This is great for cooking, especially at high temperatures. You would not want to use this oil for anything other than cooking. It has the same calories and fat content as other types of olive oil.

Extra Light Olive Oil

This type of oil is a lighter oil, both in color and flavor. It is not any lower in calories or fat. This oil does not have much in the way of flavor. That makes this oil best for baking because the flavor, or lack thereof, has no impact on the flavor of the food.

Cold Pressed Olive Oil

Cold Pressed Olive Oil is pressed without heat, making the oil much richer in flavor. There is another type of cold pressed process that is called first called pressed which means it is part of the first press. This first pressed oil usually has a higher price and is superior to most other cold pressed olive oils.

What In the Health

The last ten months have been such a whirlwind for our family. Our move last August threw such a wrench in our normal operations from my kids acclimating to new schools, The Chad settling into and operating in a new, high level, position at work, and my overall operation. I tended to take on the majority of the stress for my family, I wanted to ensure that they would fall back into some formal of normalcy, despite moving 2000 miles away from everything we knew for the past 14 years. In taking on all my family’s stress, I had my own stress that I was not dealing with, emotionally, physically and mentally. Despite my trips to the gym and processing what I could, I had not dealt with the negativity of past relationships that I had severed (as they no longer served me or my family), the loss of my close friends and family, and being alone in a state where I knew no one. What I did not know was that all of this stress, coupled with the stress my body was put through with my weight loss journey would be a perfect storm for my health. Continue reading “What In the Health”

Bowls of Plenty – Healthy Hearts Giveaway

For many eating out is a thing of the past. Between supplying proper nutrition to our families and gathering around the dinner table to interact with family, even if only for a short time, eating is has become the new norm for most families. Finding great inspiration for preparing these meals is important and with Bowls of Plenty, Recipes for Healthy and Delicious Whole-Grain Meals by Carolynn Carreno, you’ll have a great place to start. Continue reading “Bowls of Plenty – Healthy Hearts Giveaway”

Fill Your Pantry this Holiday with Newman’s Own Organics Family Pack



Welcome to the Networking Perks 2016 Family Gift Guide

Welcome to the Networking Perks 2016 Family Gift Guide

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I have worked with Newman’s Own Organics for a few years now. They were one of the first companies to introduce me to organics when I knew nothing about them. I was amazed at how delicious all of their food was and that they carried everything from snacks and pet food too! Continue reading “Fill Your Pantry this Holiday with Newman’s Own Organics Family Pack”

What The Fork Are You Eating

If you are like others who started off the new year feeling not yourself or your health is less than favorable, your initial thought might be to start exercising, eating better, and then maybe visit your doctor. Did you know that most physicians who advise to eat a healthy diet and exercise cannot even tell you what a healthy diet looks like? That’s right! In fact, 99 of the 106 medical schools polled in a survey indicated they only required some form of education (conference, seminar, etc), but do not require a formal university course study. So what the fork are you eating and what the fork can your doctor really tell you about your diet when they don’t even know? Stephanie Sacks, author, certified nutritionist and chef, can help you overhaul your plate and your pantry in her book “What the Fork Are You Eating?: An Action Plan for Your Pantry and Plate.”

This book is absolutely revolutionary in breaking down the foods we eat, why we should or should not eat, buy, or consider them as food items. We spend so much time focusing on “low-fat” or “sugar free,” with the intention of helping ourselves, but all we are doing is pumping more artificial additives into our bodies that we simply cannot process.

By no means am I a dietary professional, scientist or physician, however, I am a consumer and person who struggled with the reality of food and how it wreaked havoc on my life. My weight suffered, my skin as I had horrible acne, fatigue, and my own personal struggle and triumph with cervical cancer. Converting to a whole foods, organic diet allowed me to take control of all these ailments and help me live a better life with more energy and radiance.

“What the Fork Are You Eating” will help you understand how foods are made, how they affect your body, our environment, and your budget. A step-by-step guide to the small changes that have a big impact on our family health and the financial health of our budgets. Not only will you learn about how, or how little, our food is regulated, but this book is packed with wholesome, affordable recipes that your entire family is sure to love.

If you are ready to read the most powerful, life changing book of the year, then enter to win your very own copy of “What the Fork Are You Eating: An Action Plan for Your Pantry and Plate

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Feed Your Cravings Guilt Free with Tandoor Chef

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I love the new year. Chock full of resolutions most of us cannot keep past February. Most of us fall off the wagon because we start craving the foods we love, ache and sneak in to eat hoping no one saw that whip cream at the edge of our lips. Sticking to your resolution goals shouldn’t be the challenge, you can feed those cravings guilt free with Tandoor Chef. Personally I love great Indian and Thai food…my husband can nail me for it any day of the week, but I can overdo the eating feeling bloated and killing my meal plan. Tandoor Chef is a great on the go, frozen meal option that can help you stay on track with counting those calories without falling off the “diet” wagon. Continue reading “Feed Your Cravings Guilt Free with Tandoor Chef”

Chicken Chorizo Recipe

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Many of you may have read my post about Sweet Potato Hash and Scrambled Eggs. Inside that post I boasted about some amazing chicken chorizo I have picked up from my local butcher at Sprouts market. I love chicken chorizo. Heck I tend to favor all chorizo. As a native to Arizona and the southwest if I did not have an affection for spicy culinary dishes I might begin to question my authenticity. For those of you who love the taste of the southwest like I do, but may not have the resources at your local butcher to obtain these goods I am going to assist you in your culinary quest to obtain the needed ingredients to make your very own chicken chorizo recipe, a deliciously authentic version of a famed spicy, southwest sausage.

ground meat, ground chicken, kitchen aid grinderWhat you will need to start with is chicken. As little as one pound of chicken should do it and you can have it as a mixture of ground chicken breast and chicken thighs. Call me sexist but I love some really good thighs; tender, juicy, and full of amazing flavor. Your local butcher can also assist you in this as he might be doing the majority of the work for you. However, if you happen to have a meat grinder at home, voila, you can accomplish this at home on your own. The butcher will be more than happy to grind this for you upon your request, they are one of the least utilized experts in stores. If you can wrangle a butcher they will share with you a great deal of secrets, if you befriend one, well then you have additional added benefits.

One you have your ground chicken this is where the fun begins, we will begin to season said chicken with the chorizo mixture. You see chorizo is just the smorgasbord of spices used to season the meat, think adobo. Here are the warm spices that will really kick up your chorizo and provide an amazing flavor. I prefer organic, but the list is all the same:

Chorizo Seasoning Recipe Ingredients List


1 tsp Ancho chili
3/4 tsp sweet paprikaspices, seasonings, Chorizo spices, chorizo recipe
1/2 tsp coriander or cumin
4 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp nutmeg
1/2 tsp oregano
1/4 tsp ginger
1/2 tsp black pepper
1 clove
1/2 tsp Himalayan pink salt
(you can use Sea Salt, I love pink salt for all the naturally occurring vitamins and minerals and the taste is very mild and adds a sumthin-sumthin to your cooking)
1 tsp garlic
(you can opt for fresh diced 3 cloves if you like, this really deepens the flavor)

Now that you have all these fabulous ingredients you will need to mix them altogether. Again, I am a bit old fashioned and I buy some of my seasons whole, a mortar and pestle will be your greatest ally to grind these amazing flavors together. If you do not have a mortar and pestle, reach for your food processor to grind away. Be sure not to heat these up or you will lose integrity with the flavor. Once all of your seasonings are fully blended together we will add to the meat. Again if you are grinding at home with a meat grinder lets go ahead and grind, while the rest of us who have opted for the butcher to do our dirty work, we will be elbow deep in meat. If you have an aversion to touching raw meat please grab some marigolds.

chicken chorizo, chicken, chorizoLightly sprinkle the seasonings across the top of the meat, leave some aside as you will begin to turn the meat and sprinkle alternately so that all of your chicken is evenly coated. Continue to do this until all of your meat is thoroughly covered and mixed together. Feel free to continue to mix if need be to ensure all of your chicken is clad in these warm spices. Once you have encased all of the meat in the chorizo seasoning mix, place in a separate container to be refrigerated overnight. Your seasonings will begin to soak in and enhance the chicken for that authentic chorizo taste. You can roll into a ball and wrap with saran wrap, butcher paper, freezer paper, or place in Tupperware. After sitting at least overnight, we prefer a solid 24 hours, your chicken chorizo is ready to serve up.

Cook the chicken as you would any other normal ground meat product. Be sure to apply traditional food safety so that the chicken is cooked thoroughly or at least 165 degrees.

P Allen Smiths Radish Top Pasta Recipe

So I love to share my food and what I make. Great pride is taken in what my family eats as far as food and if you want to know or catch a glimpse of your diet snap photos. If you are ashamed to show the final result, chances are you should be ashamed to put that into your body. The other night I shared my version of P. Allen Smith’s Radish Top Pasta. Who you might ask is P. Allen Smith? Well spend a Saturday morning perusing public television and you might have the gifted opportunity to watch from Garden to Table where Mr. Smith shares some real delicacies from his garden for meals. My family was in heaven when we saw this dish so I knew I had to make it. Continue reading “P Allen Smiths Radish Top Pasta Recipe”