Funfilled Fourth

The Fourth of July is the ultimate celebration of Freedom and summer fun for the kids. This year while the squids were still not totally old enough to enjoy all the fun and festivities Big G had a blast and a front row seat to some of the best firework shows the East Valley (Phoenix metro) could display!

We discussed traveling to Shnepff Farms as they always have great year round celebrations. I have to say that their corn maze is the best in the fall and all around fun for the kids.

We talked about going to the Offroad Rodeo and watching the mud boggers and fireworks there.

We talked about driving into Fountain Hills to see the fireworks over the worlds tallest fountain.

But we did the poor man’s, easy peasy Fourth of July and everyone was all around happy and had a great time. Plus we got a project done too!

We all crawled out onto the roof and got a 360 degree view of all the fireworks on display! We saw Tempe, Mesa, more Mesa, Fountain Hills, what a spectacular sight! Big G was going on and on about how awesome the sight was. To top things all off, the twins got to keep their bed times, so we weren’t fighting with them, fighting the droves of people, the traffic, I mean if you count the bulldog, but all in all a great Fourth! We ended the night watching Star Wars Episode Six and had a cold bowl of vanilla ice cream. I mean how much more all American can you get?!

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Fourth of July!
The Fish Family has lots more to share including two more giveaways in store this coming week.
Have a happy and safe holiday weekend.

6 Replies to “Funfilled Fourth”

  1. Blue – Spending with family is always the best, simple and satisfying. I hope you had a fabulous holiday as well!

    ASM – I bet you guys had quite the shin dig in Boston right?

    Hit 40 – YOU KNOW IT!! Though I let the boy skip out, woo wee all that sugar.

  2. Sounds like you had a great time! Friday night we saw fireworks from my friends over the lake. We didn't know they were going on but they sure were loud. LOL

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