Fusion of Color – Black Friday Special


Black Friday specials are the best way to take advantage of products you have been wanting! From the latest in electronics to the hottest fashion trends. Why not snag some beauty products as your latest fashion trend and get a steal of a deal this Black Friday.

Need to freshen your Winter makeup palette? This holiday season think Fusion of Color when updating your makeup.  Mineral makeup from Fusion of Color can help you easily brighten your look. Carrying a wide variety of makeups in various colors, all can be used as is or mixed and matched to create the perfect color for you. The Black Friday specials are sure to be enticing enough to update your full beauty regiment.

“The main ingredients in mineral cosmetics are inorganic. Simply stated there is no organic material in it to grow bacteria. Also, with the use of inorganic ingredients in the make up gives the make up a very long and stable shelf life. Fusion of Color Mineral makeup is the best to use because it adheres to the natural oils in a person’s skin and doesn’t seep into the pores” Fusion Of Color Cosmetics.

What exactly does this mean if it is “inorganic” as opposed to organic? Makeup that is inorganic is made with materials like mica that are better for your skin and less likely to be harmful. Water is also inorganic in that alone it cannot create an environment for bacteria growth, other materials have to combine with water before it becomes a haven for bacteria.

Did you also know that makeup has a shelf life? Be sure to check the bottom of all your makeup packaging as there will be a number at the bottom inside what appears to be an image of a container. This is the shelf life, or how long your makeup will be good for once it is opened. A good rule of thumb is to toss it if you don’t know how long you have had it or if your cosmetics start causing you skin troubles.

8 Replies to “Fusion of Color – Black Friday Special”

  1. I love that Fall colors are a little deeper than other seasons. My niece would love the City Sky shade because it’s kind of teal.

  2. oh my! just realize i put my other comment in the wrong place, hahah! i love this makeup a lot. i have never really used a lot but trying to work more on myself now.

  3. All those colors look nice and I don’t see a lot of people with them. I wish I was one to change my make up. I seem to only feel comfortable with the same neutral colors

  4. I am the last person to come to about makeup! I don’t wear it!! The only times were at my wedding and my daughters’ weddings. And even then it was very little. I was such a tomboy! How ironic that the Good Lord gave me 4 daughters!! They learned about makeup and doing their hair on their own!!
    I’ll have to ask them and a few of my granddaughters, if they ever heard of Fusion of Color. The fall colors above are attractive- plus you can mix and match your own colors? WOW! Thanks for sharing this! Very interesting!

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