Pros and Cons of Eyelash Extensions

So a few weeks ago my best friend introduced me to eyelash extensions. Hesitant at first, and thinking these would ruin my eyes down the road, I was pleasantly surprised at how amazing this one beauty investment has been in my life. Beauty, makeup and fashion are so beyond me. The extent of my beauty, makeup and fashion knowledge came from scouring magazines as a kid and wishing for the perfect skin and hair all while avoiding looking like Tammy Faye Baker. If you have ever been curious about eyelash extension they are worth their weight in gold. Before you run off to the salon, here are some pros and cons of getting eyelash extensions.

What are eyelash extensions?

Funny you ask, eye lash extensions are either silk, mink, or synthetic. Ask your aesthetician what they use during application. They eyelashes can come in a variety of sizes depending on the desired length. They are applied with a safe, semi-permanent glue that attaches to your natural lashes.

Sound awful? My first time I thought my eyes might be burning but really my anxiety was getting the better of me. Some may experience a mild irritation to the process if you have sensitive skin. I have HORRIBLY sensitive skin, so I had some light redness and discomfort, but that all subsided within the hour after installation.

Cons of Eyelash Extensions

eyelash extensions, pre eyelash extensions
Pre Eyelash Extensions

Of course the first con is the discomfort and or redness if you have sensitive skin. If the wind blows too hard I get a rash, this is to give you an idea of how sensitive my skin reacts to outside factors.

  • You cannot use oil based makeup remover, oil based makeup, and or oil based cleansers and or get your lashes wet often.

For obvious reasons, the oil based products would break down the semi-permanent glue and cause the eyelashes to fall out prematurely or remove them altogether. Getting your lashes wet will happen but try not to keep them wet or allow them to stay wet for long.

  • Your natural eyelashes may become damaged.

While this is not typical, if you are a picker or become anxious about how your eyelashes start to look as they naturally begin to fall out and you feel tempted to tug or pull, you do risk damaging your own lashes. The extensions will fall out naturally and on their own, try not to pull or tug as they are attached to your natural lashes and will hurt like hell. You will not like yourself much if you have plucked all your natural lashes in the process of trying to pluck the fakies.

  • The fills can become expensive and or time consuming.

You will be visiting the salon every two to three weeks. The cost can range anywhere from $30 to $80, in some cities and salons each visit for the fill. Some women spend that on manicures and getting their nails done, so this may not be as much sticker shock as it is to others. The initial investment can run anywhere from $80 to $200 depending, again, on the salon, city, extensions and aesthetician.

Pros of Eyelash Extensions

eyelash extensions, arizona eyelash extensions
With Eyelash Extensions

Of course the first pro is that your eyelashes look amazing from the moment you wake until the moment you go to bed. Every. Single. Day. Who the hell would not love to look gorgeous from the time they way until the time they go to bed?

  • No mascara

While this could be a con, I see this as a HUGE pro! No more waking up looking like the walking dead with mascara smeared half way down my eyes and cheeks because I forgot to wash my face before I went to bed. No more smudging mascara along my eyelids during application and then having to redo all my eye shadow because I’m a putz. Plus  the eyelash extensions look like you have on permanent mascara. Why reinvent the wheel?

  • Your eyes always look amazing

Did I mention you look gorgeous from the time you wake until the time you go to bed? I love that all I have to do is brush my lashes (Yes that is a thing and its an amazing thing!) and I look like I am already put together.

  • Your makeup is that much more simplified and beautiful

I am not a big makeup gal. I’m pretty much satisfied just using a few Murad products (be sure to read the latest Murad reviews to see if it might be right for you). When I finally reached a point where makeup was worn out of habit because I was no longer covering my blemishes, I found not wearing makeup at all really improved my skin. Adding my eyelash extensions, I found I was not touching my face as much and I really began to appreciate my natural beauty.

  • Your eyes pop!

My husband likes to call them “Spice Eyes” (play on the Spice Channel and soft porn where all you saw was the woman’s sultry eyes in compromising scenes) which was a sweet and back handed compliment. Aside from having borderline “starlet” eye lashes, they truly look like a professional makeup artist spent a beautiful amount of time applying the right amount of liner and mascara to make your eyelashes the star of the show and accentuate your peepers.

Do your research first before taking the plunge on your eyelash extensions. I was recommended to an aesthetician by my friend and I trusted her word based on her experience. The event was very luxurious as I had my every eyelash doted upon, brushed and manicured to perfection while having my eyelash extensions applied. Leaving the salon I looked like a new woman and was the envy of every lady ever wanting longer, curlier eyelashes. Though its not an organic or natural process, I do enjoy not putting chemicals on my eyes daily to bring out my naturally blond lashes. Have you wondered about eyelash extensions? What is your beauty vice or splurge?

13 Replies to “Pros and Cons of Eyelash Extensions”

  1. I like them! They do look great. I’ve never tried eyelash extensions. I was never even able to put on fake lashes myself, lol. Have you seen the mink eyelashes some celebrities wear?? Now, those are different!

  2. I love the look of eyelash extensions! I only really wear them for very special occasions like if I am in a wedding etc. I used to get them professionally done where they would last about 3 weeks. I loved them cause then I didn’t have to curl or put on mascara 🙂

  3. They look amazing, I am just a freak and it would drive me nuts. I can barely handle mascara. Wish it was an easier process, but looking beautiful takes work 🙂

  4. These look fantastic! With the way most mascaras bother my eyes, I think I will look into getting these now. Thanks for the review!

  5. I have only worn a little bit of makeup when I have gotten dressed up for a wedding. It was only mascara and lip gloss. I have never thought about false eyelashes or extensions! To tell you the truth, if I was in the market for these eyelashes after reading your article, I wouldn’t want them any more. Too much hassle!! I don’t want to be pretty that bad or need any more doctors’ bills than I already have

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