Gifts for Her: ScentChips

Some great gifts are ones that are often the simplest. Women request candles for holiday and birthday gifts all the time so why not take the candle option up a notch with ScentChips.

ScentChips are scented wax chips formed into shapes that can be used as potpourri with a life of over five years or they can be melted in a simmering pot that will scent an area of up to 3000 square feet. ScentChips have been hand made in the USA, in San Antonio, Texas for over 25 years.

While candles are wonderful, enhance a room with delicate lighting and scent, the candle is not always clean burning, can cause smoke damage, or worse start a fire. ScentChips can be melted and the aroma will last for hours. ScentChips are also clean burning and non-toxic making them a great alternative to candles.

Different chips scents can also be combined for the ultimate in home fragrance. The chips are melted in a wide variety of electric burners as to avoid the fire and candle issue and inherent danger. ScentChips are not to be left unattended as with any wax, the product may reach excess heats causing a hazardous situation. Literally hundreds of scents to choose from to mix and match.

ScentChips can be found in stores in select states in the US, Malaysia, New Zealand, Austraila, and Puerto Rico. The price for these wonderful scented gifts starts at $20 and up for the chips and the burner. The perfect gift for a woman who enjoys home fragrance and home fragrance that lasts longer than a candle.

Here is all the information straight from ScentChips themselves:

Hand made in San Antonio, Texas for over 30 years, Scentchips are the ORIGINAL scented wax potpourri. When melted, Scentchips will cover 3000 square feet with a rich aroma! Use them simply as a potpourri for a softer scent – which will last for over 5 years.

Scentchips uses only the finest quality and safest ingredients on the market. Using the highest ratio of fragrance to wax, Scentchips are the strongest and longest lasting product of its kind. Scentchips are Non toxic and clean burning, making them the safest way to way to fragrance your home or office. Their fragrance is natural, dyes are vegetable based and no chemicals or toxic elements to the product. Scentchips were “green before “green” was cool. 

Customers may select from over 50 fragrance blends or 72 single fragrance choices to create their own unique scent. Scentchips offers a wide variety of warming burners, including beautiful electric burners for those who would prefer not to use a tea light candle. 

Scentchips retail stores offer their customers a unique, creative and fun environment in select cities throughout the United States as well as internationally. You may also purchase Scentchips through their website: or the Toll free number: 800-472-3687.
Scentchips offers many gift ideas, starting at under $15.00! For the finest in home fragrance, visit your nearest Scentchips store or their website today.[ScentChips USA, 2009]

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  1. I would like to try the cozy cabin one with the ivory electric plug in. It sounds like it would smell wonderful.

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