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bluepixo.comThe saying of “boys will be boys” could not be more true in my home. The bane of my female mommy existence is Legos, Jedi’s, sword fighting, cars, more building, mud, you name it my boys play with it, destroy it, bring the stuff in, truly, boys will be boys in my home.

While I enjoy that Seth and Grant both play with Lego’s they are non-conducive to my cleaning habits and rituals and really they are scary choking hazards. I began to seek out other imaginative building play toys. Toys the boys could build with, expand their creative juices and grow brain power.  I landed smack dab onto Blue Pixo Entertainment site. I searched their online interactive games and was completely impressed with the learning programs and of course the hands on toys of the Twig. Blue Pixo also carries the Dado which are interlocking learning blocks and K’Nex which are also advanced learning and building sets.

What the boys love about the Twig toys is that they can build and combine all different sizes and color options. This is intricate I believe for learning, kids love bright colors, hence why cartoons are bright colors for the likability.

All the different depths of the blocks allow for fun combination’s or building, learning, shapes, and puzzle like creations.

In addition to all the learning and creative play generated by the Twig…I do not have to worry about choking hazards or little pieces vying to be absorbed by my Kenmore vacuum. These pieces are rough and durable and hours of play for my boys.

This toy retails for $35.99 and for every purchase made 25% of the profit will be donated to World Vision to feed, cloth and provide shelter to kids around the world.

So be sure to shop online for the one and only Twig with Blue Pixo.

Don’t forget to DOWNLOAD your Copy of the catalog HERE and all the fabulous participants, savings, and giveaways!

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  1. How cool are those Twig toys!

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