Supporting Toddlers Feet with Pediped

A few weeks ago I had a post about a great shoe company on a great mission for a great cause
with a great non-profit. You recall?
NO?! Where have you been hiding! Well here is that post again so you can refresh your memory.

That company was Pediped and I was unsure on how to react to their shoes. I mean kids shoes are kids shoes right? Why all the technology. Well I will tell you why all the technology, the specifications, the tweaks and modifications to standard shoes. Our kids need great shoes for healthy feet and an overall healthy stance.

I bought Big G new shoes at the beginning of the school year and he picked them out because they were “cool.” He grew out of those shoes like PRONTO and I was wondering why he A) ran funny and B) why he was walking funny. I figured out it was the shoes. All this unnecessary garbage in the construction of the shoe and flat out he outgrew the shoe. So while hunting down shoes I also came across Pediped for the Gift Guide and I was so happy they let me have a pair of shoes to review for Grant.

Pediped has this fabulous innovation of soft rubbery shoes that reduce the shock in children’s feet. Pediped also allows for an adjustment insert for growing feet so that the shoes last longer and the uppers are a sturdy leather to ensure even longer wear.

We know how kids blow through shoes in school, so the sturdy leather construction with the flexible rubber sole, not a hard rubber sole, allow kids to get full use out of their shoes and they last well past the time they were “assumed” to expire per normal shoe standards. Did I also mention how his gait is completely different in these shoes?

Grant has a tendency to walk on the balls of his feet and in these shoes he uses his entire foot which is healthy for posture and for your feet. Needless to say the Pediped Flex Fit shoes that we received to review are a big winner in our home and a must buy again since they have the flex fit system with the added insole to extend the life and wear of the shoes. Nowadays shoes are not cheap and the ones that are cheap, in my opinion, are not working for my kids for everyday walking, running, and being a kid.

I know Grant loves his shoes. He truly enjoys them and the style is fashionable, they are not the standard white, blend in shoes like everyone else, they have style, pizzaz, and go with just about everything the boy wears. He personally chose the Kyle in Navy and Orange and we like them because he can put them on everyday without a ton of hassle with the laces. He was really struggling and he likes that they are personal to him since he picked them out.

Pediped is a great choice for parents who are concerned with the development of their children’s feet and is approved by the American Pediatric Medical Association for healthy foot development. [Pediped, 2009]

So if you are looking for shoes this year for your tot, toddler, or small school aged child, checkout Pediped.

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  1. We just bought a pair for our little one today and he loves it! He seems to think they are comfortable because he took off running as soon as we put it on him.

  2. Well this is a timely review! I have been wondering about these just this last week! They are sooooooooooooo cute I'm glad you like them. I think I'll grab a pair or two for my little one.

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