Gifts for Everyone: Knit Rite Inc Smart Knit Kids

Stocking stuffers are always fun for kids and what better stocking stuffer than socks! However, these socks by Smart Knit Kids are no ordinary socks these socks are completely seamless.

Seamless socks you ask? How? How can you have seamless socks. Everyone has those socks with the annoying seam in the toy that rubs. In fact I wear my socks inside out because the seams rub and bother my toes. If I do this can you imagine how my kids feel or react? How about children who have sensory issues? Multiply that factor by a hundred or a thousand where the socks binding and rubbing on kids feet and legs will cause an uncomfortable feeling for kids (and adults) or even pain if the sensory issues are severe enough, not to mention the bunching in shoes, I know I hate that, you have to constantly pull on your socks to make them fit. A little background about Knit Rite and Smart Knit Kids:

Knit Rite Inc. was founded in 1923 and markets, designs, and manufactures quality textiles for medical and consumer purposes. Knit Rite Inc is continually researching, developing new product lines to promote healthy benefits for a higher quality of life.

Now I am a skeptic about everything. I am a complete realist so when I heard “seamless socks” I was all over it and my other side was saying “Pound sand…no way.” Until I received the Smart Knit Kids socks and pulled them out of the boxes and felt the material. Fantastic. The socks felt super soft and were not the standard rough knit cotton socks you buy in the store. The fabric is tightly woven, but stretches and conforms, and the fabric is breatheable where some fabrics are not which cause sweating and of course the funk. Yes, funky feet!

Imagine my surprise when I read more on the socks and put them to the test with Grant to fins that the socks are made with moisture wicking material and are anti-microbial. Grant has some serious barking dogs after playing all day on the playground, in the Arizona “heat,” and adding all that sand to his shoes, he is the type of kid who sweats, A LOT! So imagine the funk coming from his feet at the end of the day. Needless to say these socks help to curb all of that. I am not saying he is totally stink free, but I will tell you that the stank is kept to a minimum and he really enjoys the way the socks feel. He also likes that they feel like he is not wearing socks because they are so soft. As you can see, lots of color offerings and sizes from crew to ankle cut socks.

But the Knit Rite product line is not limited to just kids, moms and dads can get in on the products as well! Knit Rite has an entire line of products for everyone, plus they have a new line of compression stockings just for pregnant women. Compression stockings you ask? If you have had circulation issues or lower extremity pain, then you are all too familiar with compression stockings. I know I had to wear compression stockings during my pregnancy with my twins and they were a life saver! So you should check out these cute compression stockings, they are not the ugly ones your grandma wore. The site is called and is a wealth of information about compression stockings and they have a great product offering that is very stylish.

Enjoy each of these products and be sure to share with family and friends
with kids who have sensory issues or just want a really great pair of socks or stockings.

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