Girly and Gutsy Young Female Entrepreneurs in Fashion

Girls fashion is all over the board. I swore to The Chad I didn’t want a daughter because I was terrified of the world she would be raised. Obviously I ate those words, but today I am terrified nonetheless because of the amount of undue and unnecessary sexualization in our society that is aimed at young girls and young women. Fashion seems to be the biggest driver. However, I have found that even the best gems in fashion can emerge under all the pressure. Some girly, gutsy female entrepreneurs that create fun fashion without oversexualizing and or seeming too dull or lacking relevancy for young women.

Emi Jay
Pictured here: Charlotte 5-pack

Emi JayThe first fashion line is Emi Jay which was  created by teenage entrepreneurs Emily and Julianne. Inspired by their passion for fashion, the two young girls set out to create quality, modern day hair ties. I think Emi Jay is perfect for my little girl. She is all about fun hair ties as she is learning how to style her hair and express herself with her own style.

The hair ties and headbands are excellent because they are stretchy, soft and stylish without being chunky and obnoxious like a “scrunchy.” Even though the traditional ties are silky feeling they do not slip. Emi Jay even has a new line of Neoprene hair ties that are great for the girl on the go in sports so they do not get stretched out over use by perspiration, water, and activity.scl-logo

Stoney Clover Lane The second line is Stoney Clover Lane which was started and inspired by two fashion-forward brains always abuzz with ideas, sisters Kendall & Libby Glazer. These two release new arm candy all the time that are reflective of fun, trendy, bright, soft bracelets that accentuate style and individuality.

Again, my daughter loves these bracelets because they don’t slip off her arm and are simple and fun. They are not chunky or obnoxious, yet stylish and cheeky. Have all the fun in the world with different charms, even better, they are relevant to what young women these days are into and think are stylish and trendy.

Best of all is I like how soft these products are as they lack any rough edges, major metal and or faulty fabric and material. My daughter and I both appreciate high quality products that can handle everyday events and activities for our busy lives.

With school coming to a close these would be great little gift ideas and additions for young ladies that are moving onto the next grade level. Or if you needed a fresh new gift idea to start next year’s wardrobe for the fashionista in your life.

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