Got Squirrels?

The hairy little beast roughly the size of say a small terrier dog came out to inspect the situation.

For some time now we have had a family of squirrels that have inhabited our neighbors yard. Yes, the neighbors. Better them than us is the way we saw the situation. Then they multiplied. And like any good growing family, your territory and domecile needs grow as well.

This morning while sipping on my warm cup of Zen admiring my pool and backyard in all its overgrown, need to call Yolanda to mow it, glory I saw the hairy little rodent. I call upon DH to come view the monster in action. Here is how our conversation goes down:

Me: Babe…..look at the size of the little bastard. He is the size of a yip yip dog. He’s just hanging out by the pool.
DH: Yeah, looks like he is scouting the area.
Me: I was thinking the same thing, he is either scoping for food or a new place to live. I wonder if he opened the tunnel we filled up with water.
DH: We? You mean you filled with water and then they dammed it because they thought some catastrophic flood was imminent.
Me: You would have done the same thing. Science, to see the depths of said hole that the little fur-rodents dug.
DH: You know that is their best CSI Squirrel right? He is out taking evidence since you put that rock in the middle of the tunnel opening to see if it would be moved. Part of your “science”.
Me: Right because they could smell my fingerprints on the rock so they were taking inventory of the scene. Making sure they had a different tunnel path, escape route.
DH: Exactly. You know those CSI Squirrels, they have moxie when it comes to you. Their tunnels are like the French Resistance and you are the SS.

By this time I knew I had to take note of the squirrels. I had to grab the camera and take a picture. To show EVERYONE my issue with the squirrels.  See my FABULOUS evidence of squirrels

Where are the effing squirrels?
The little bastards evaded me…YET. AGAIN! So I let the morning simmer a bit, especially after my conversation with DH that I had to truly write down this time so I did not forget. Because dementia happens.
I took the liberty this afternoon to inspect the squirrel habitat again and their efforts…fancy that…the original hole filled in and a new tunnel system.

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  1. LOL! Seriously I think they do know I am onto them…I love how cute the little fur rabies infested little turds they are!

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