Same Great Flavor Reduced Calorie

Some things in life are just a mouthful! Or leave you feeling bloated and needing to unbutton that top button of your slacks, just to leave a little wiggle room.
But you just cannot help yourself.
You glutton! Feeling overfilled, oozing, sickly.
You want more! You want it all! You just. Cannot. Get. Enough!
Like this blog here you see.
The Name is quite catchy, based on the LURVE for Dr. Seuss. Plus…there are five Herrings fish
One Fish Two Fish Three Four Five Fish
But the blog name you see.
The name was TOO. DAMN. LONG. TO. TYPE!
Unless of course you clicked in your reader, dashboard, etcetra etcetra.
So, I, Karie Noel Herring, do here by bring you the same great FISHY flavor without all the filler!
That is right!
We are now
You can still be redirected via the blogspot mouthful, fingers stumble when you type it. But what the hell….I personally got tired of the extended typing too. Stick around, bookmark the new DOT COM, and watch what we have in store for you now!

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