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As I said before school is nearing…..did I mention school starts soon?! Man am I ready for school to start! I can tell you the one thing that really helps Big G is a good breakfast in the morning. A tasty breakfast that I know will fill him up and keep him satisfied until lunch is a great start to any day and helps the little guy focus and stay on task at school. Otherwise…the kid is all over the place mentally, I mean he already is as a kindergartener….but seriously….I need not torture his teachers more. Plus breakfast is the most important meal of the day and helps to regulate your daily and overall blood sugar and well being.

Well the folks over at My Blog Spark must know that we love food in this house, and breakfast is a biggie!

I am not a big cereal fan, I eat Honey Bunches of Oats and Cheerios….es todo (that’s all). But I have to say that Honey Kix is a new favorite! I love a sweet cereal without seeming like a kids cereal that has a TON of sugar and I feel all amped. I mean the last thing we need in this house….is sugar! So a bowl of Honey Kix, a banana or an apple and milk….
Good. To. Go.
Everyone is fed and the day is off to a great start.

So a lucky reader gets to enjoy a box of Honey Kix, just in time for school mornings!!

Breakfast can be a hassle, so take the hassle out of the morning with cereal and a cereal kids, and adults alike will enjoy. Not to mention all the cool stuff that comes with the Honey Kix, courtesy again of the folks @ My Blog Spark and General Mills.

Here are the winning items of this giveaway, and my Big G….LOVES IT!!

  • Free Box of Honey Kix
  • Honey Kix breakfast bowl
  • Travel bowl with freezer safe insulated bottom, 2 pieces (breakfast on the go!)
  • Honey Kix storage container, so your breakfast is stashed in a fashionable tupperware container (and not the gawdy box!)
  • Honey Pot (DH was loving this! We looked everywhere to find one…low and behold…one comes in the mail….prayers answered about honey problem)
So seriously who wouldn’t want to enter this totally cool giveaway! I mean I was absolutely stoked when these items arrived…..I ran over and got the box of cereal to munch on while blogging…..I know shame on me.

Here are the deets:

  • Leave me a comment and tell me how much of a PAIN breakfast (or sometimes a lack thereof) and mornings are before school and your email address for the winnings.
Additional entries:
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Good luck!

53 Replies to “Honey Kix Giveaway”

  1. LOL, breakfast is a pain. I don't want to do anything while I am still waking up.. That is why I trust it to a yummy nutritional breakfast like KIX. Thanks for sharing..

  2. I get so fed up with breakfast I just make Lu eat breakfast at school, hey they serve it there why not eat it?? If shes hungry I give her a cereal bar. Hey we wake up at 5:30 so I can make it to work, theres just no time!

    and I follow you.

  3. Getting my son to eat breakfast IS so annoying! I'll try anything to make this an easier process. I didn't realize there was Honey KIX. He actually will eat the regular KIX, so I'll have to give this one a shot. 🙂

  4. Breakfast is one of the things I am looking least forward to for school starting. One kid only wants junk food and one doesn't want to eat at all! Would love to give this a try!

  5. some mornings are better then others. My kids wake up plenty early and expect something to eat before leaving for the day.

  6. Okay my friend..is this contest OK for your Canadian girls?
    if so..i HATE making breakfast. I feel so guilty when I am popping bread into the toaster for the thrid morning in a row.
    Sounds like a great new cereal!

  7. My daughter likes to eat as as soon as she wakes up, my son likes to eat a bit later. They each like different things. And neither one is a big breakfast eater. . .every morning is a struggle for me coming up with breakfast!

  8. Hey Karie! Thanks for reminding us that breakfast is a very important meal. I know I am guilty of skipping it far too often or of just not eating the right things. Honey Kix sounds like a pretty good way to start!

    Great post!

    Ok, just a side note…my word veri is 'supper'…that's just confusing.

  9. Very fun!! I can finally join blog spark. You have to be a blogger for at least 3 months to join.

    Count me in for one entry for the cereal.

  10. Okay, so this will be my first year figuring out the whole breakfast thing with a kid going to school. Yay me! Luckily, my kids are satisfied with cereal or oatmeal so that makes it easy for me. We'll find out just how easy in a couple of weeks!


  11. HA HA – breakfast, that is a funny thought! Years ago, my goal before actually having kids, was to fix a nice nutrient rich meal before school each day – now I hope the cereal makes it in the bowl, and I get my coffee!

  12. My kids are grown so no breakfast stress. I usually eat a bowl of cereal and a glass of orange juice.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  13. We have a breafast battle most days – changing mind, focused on TV – sometimes it ends up being a glass of milk…

  14. I am an up and out the door in 15 miutes type of gal so the mornings I have to take my son to school really slow me down. I usually just give him something he can eat in the car but he still eats breakfast at school.

  15. we have good mornings and bad mornings-the kids are not hungry when they first wake up

    tiramisu392 (at) yahoo.com

  16. I get my 6 year old granddaughter off to school in the mornings and breakfast is a battle! We usually get a bowl of ceral and juice and call it good! Great prize.

  17. My kids are very slow moving in the morning and it's a huge pain to get them to actually eat something before we have to run out the door! Cereal is always a winner.

  18. I'm a college student that has to eat something before I'm fully awake, however it's hard to get up in time to eat breakfast before classes start. This would help!

  19. Breakfast is hard because I'm a new mom – its impossible for me to eat with the rest of my family these days. So busy! thanks for the chance – alicedemskehansen at gmail.com

  20. To wake up early enough to have breakfast is a pain.I work the graveyard shift. [sorry don't have kids] But my husband and I like cereal 🙂



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