I am never bored….

Not true….I am actually bored quite often.
My therapist Patricia “Pat” always tells me,
“Bored is healthy, bored is good.”

Bored is good for the boring. Pft! No really, I like being bored, but I feel unaccomplished. I know, sounds crazy, which is why I pay $75 a hour for a great therapist! Anyway, I have found a new project! Actually I am planning on, OK seriously hoping, that my little project turns into a successful venture.

I have always had a love of all things homemade. I am a big fan! I mean I try to homemake a lot of our family meals among other things in our home. So one day, while sitting in my bathroom.. thinking…I had an idea. I will try to start my own little business.

I won’t do catering…..too many issues and I don’t have a big enough kitchen. Although I know I can do it…just a lot can go wrong. Will go wrong. and I do not want to clean that mess.

I won’t do a franchise….not right now at least.
Too much initial investment and too little return on the initial investment.

I can do homemade bath and body. I love bath and body. I live for bath and body.

Seriously, in my bathroom I have at least 30 different designer perfumes….not counting all the samples I have received here and there. Soaps?! Yeah, I got soaps from the homemade French savons to the local farmers market cold processed. I love soaps. Maybe has to do with my OCD of cleanliness but I love feeling clean, smelling clean, or using the soaps for just a great fragrant accent in a drawer, bathroom, or just as a decorative accent in a bathroom.

So here has been my little project and of course the little linky on the right hand sidebar…..yeah the brown box…Little Bitty Soaps….that’s me:


Cold Process “Sweet Pea Pie” Hot Process “Spa Massage”
(honey, oats, sweet almond oil)

Hot Process “Boyfriend” Bath Soak Salts & Teas
Lavender & lavender leaves


Hot Process “Honeymoon”
Lavender & Rosemary

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  1. that is very interesting….i love aromatherapy and onve thought of doing up oils to sell and massage blends and abother time to sell b'day cakes as not bad at that …. and yet i still do nothing so far i dont know why…

  2. Nice!

    I dabbled in soap making about 5 years ago. But like all my hobbies, I quit! LOL! For no good reason.

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