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About a year ago I began my weight loss journey. I can tell you that as a woman and mother one of the hardest things to do was find time with two newborn children to exercise.

Add to the fact that the twins were not always on the same schedule. They were but weren’t since each of them went to sleep differently, one was definitely more needy than the other. Which often posed a problem when I would try to schedule time to exercise and my favorite way to exercise was to walk and jog.

I read lots of jogging stroller reviews before finally settling on the right stroller for my needs as a mom and as a jogger. I came across the InSTEP Safari Swivel Jogging Stroller Review which was bold and honest and even addressed issues with the stroller that any parent, mother, and jogger would want to be addressed and brought to light.

What are some items you look for in reviews? What type of details are pertinent in your purchase? Do you look for the negatives that may arise in a product review and find it refreshing when the author addresses them? Or would you rather they hide issues with a product? I know I was pleased to see honesty positive and negative.

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  1. I look for honesty and the nitty gritty opinion of the reviewer. I’ve been unhappy with every single stroller (jogging and non jogging) I’ve had thus far, with the exception of one. The very first stroller I got was just awful to push around. The handle was way too short for my husband and so I was the one pushing it all the time or he’d get back aches. I think we were on our third or fourth stroller before we were happy. It’s one of those things that you really have to use it for a while to determine. Kind of like a house! lol

    As far as jogging strollers go, I need one to be able to utilize with a child that is not a light weight. Not that she’s heavy. Just that she’s older than a child you’d usually put in a jogging stroller. I have to take my five (almost six) year old with me when I go out otherwise there’s hell to pay at home. She just won’t stop screaming and I have no peace of mind and can’t leave her screaming with the huz. So I need one that can carry a heavier child without them dragging their feet, and one that still FEELS light as to where I can push the thing up a slight hill. Haven’t found one yet.

    Let me know if you do please!

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