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Fungus’s are one of the most common causes of various skin diseases. We all have them, positioned in different parts of our body such as mouth, digestive system as well as on our hands and legs. There are several hundred different fungus’s which can’t harm a person. However, about 50 types of them can cause local fungus infection on skin, nails, head, vagina and mouth. Sometimes, fungus can lead to severe medical issues.

The biggest risk factors for contracting a fungus are synthetic clothes (non-breathable fabrics), wearing closed shoes, nail injuries caused from wearing narrow or too tight of shoes, excessive sweating, obesity, public places where we can get in touch with surfaces that have been infected by other individuals, long-term use of antibiotics, diabetes, and immune-suppressed conditions such as tumors and HIV.

Most of the fungus infections are caused by fungi belonging to a group of dermatophyte. They have an enzyme which they dissolve and feed on keratin from your skin, hair and other follicles. The fungus can be transferred from one person to another through infected spores or skin cells. Dermatophytes can also be transferred from animals. Children and people who are working within agriculture are usually affected by these microorganisms. Sometimes, it can be contracted by veterinaries.

Legs and hands are at the greatest risk. These infections are usually caused when a group of people is using the same spaces, especially around pools and areas which are meant for sporting activity. Moisture and warmth, which are conditions present around pools is excellent for growth of a fungus. By walking around without a type of shoe the spores can be transferred easily. Changes can be noticed between the fingers and or toes, skin is inflamed, red, it starts scaling and severe itching appears. If the person doesn’t treat infection in time it will spread to adjacent skin which will also become red, itchy and painful.

Nowadays, it is possible to treat fungal infections by using drugs like Ketoderm. This drug can be used for various forms of infections such as seborrheic dermatitis, ringworm of the groin, ringworm of the body, athlete’s foot, yeast infection of the skin, “sun fungus”. Given that the changes appear on the surface of the skin, Ketoderm comes in a form of gel, shampoo, cream, foam and solution. During application, it is very important for patient to have clean hands. Product is applied on the surface where the infection appeared. It is only meant to be used for skin. In the event of contact with your eyes or an area not to be treated, rinse immediately with water. Depending on type of Ketoderm which you are using, daily dose will vary.

From specialists for you! Drugstores emphasize that the side effect when using Ketoderm are usually rare. Some patients complained about itching, irritation and discomfort that were not present before administering the drug. In rare cases, dizziness, soreness, skin dryness, bleeding, acne, discoloration of the nails, red rash, swelling of face, may appear. Fight the fungus with Ketoderm and take charge of your beautiful skin.

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  1. Avoiding fungal infection is definitely a reason to take care of your nails. I found this post very informative, thank you for sharing this review.

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