Kickstart your Colon with Coconut Cleanse

The “holidays” are officially over. Valentines marks the close of all the crappy eating, unhealthy food choices and overall gluttony in our lives. For those who didn’t make a New Year’s resolution you are considering your health about this time. You are looking for a way to kickstart your body into the healthy mode; feeling sluggish, fatigued, and just a general overall feeling of meh. One way folks look to get a jump on how they eat and feel is with a cleanse. Cleanses can range anywhere from juicing to fasting to colon cleanses. Some cleanses are harsh and some just help to keep traffic moving through your body to not feel so weighed down and eliminate the feeling of “meh.” My husband in particular struggles with the feeling of “meh” and a back injury that sometimes, well, stops the flow of nature. So he was the first to enjoy and try the Coconut Colon Cleanse in our home.

As a man who travels a lot for business, he does not always have the opportunity to enjoy a home cooked meal. Restaurants, airplanes, airports, and carousing with customers result in less than stellar food choices, fatigue, discomfort, and constipation. He can tell when his health is not at it’s best and that the food he has eaten is taking a toll on his body and general well-being. At home it is clean eating with plenty of fruits, vegetables and the lack of heavy oils, butters and processing, but business travel really can hinder those food choices on the road.

The first day he got home from his extensive travel he immediately reached for the Coconut Colon Cleanse. Somehow our conversations always digress on discussing deuces. He told me that he takes two pills and by the next day he is singing like a songbird of sheer happiness. Regular and “cleaning the pipes” as he refers to his “I feel 10 pounds lighter” bowel movements. He likes that the effect is gentle, with no cramping and no violent urges or needs to run to the restroom to handle business.

What we really enjoy about the Coconut Colon Cleanse is that it is coconut based. You have all the wonderful Ayurveda healing of coconut, especially since my husband does NOT like the taste or smell of coconut, it seems to be a texture thing with him.

Please note that we are in no way physicians or making any claims about this product. We were offered a full sample bottle of Coconut Colon Cleanse in our home in exchange for this review. We have shared our personal experience with this product which may vary from person to person. Always consult your doctor before trying any herbal supplement or health remedy.

If you are looking to help improve your personal overall health and the health of your colon, the Coconut Colon Cleanse is a great way to help get a “move” on this step. Couple this with cleaning eating and a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables you are sure to feel vibrant, rejuvenated and full of energy. Or as my husband says “my pants feel better after that movement.” Order today on Amazon and if you are a Prime member receive same day shipping.

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