My Falling Star

You see my great post about Grant being the star student?

Yes, DH and I are so proud. What an accomplishment.

Until Today. I thought twice about posting, but I think so surreal to being a parent and bragging about being a great parent with having a great kid. My star student initiated actions that resulted in a friendly call from my friend “The Principal.”

Correct, THE principal. Papa…well she is a Mama Grande. The head honch, the big kahuna, THE BOSS.

She called me to tell me about some unfortunate circumstances, unacceptable behavior, and disgusting actions. Not that my son is not totally capable, but really I figured these would be left until at least high school.

  • His blatant disregard for authority
  • His disregard for his unacceptable and intolerable actions
  • His foul mouth! (Decided he would call everyone a “fucker” today)

I am totally in awe that my boy decided to act so unfavorably, so much like a heathen, so despicable. I do not doubt his culpability and capability, but I doubt the he acted alone and without provocation. So I now ask you, have you had one day where you are like “OMG, where is my kid?” when the principal or teacher calls? Have you had a day where you are just completely lost on what happened to your normal, everyday, easy breezy child? I just cannot believe my kid….my boy acted in such a manner. Again, not denying it, just completely cannot believe he could act that way, especially in school. I hope we can resolve this, I would hate for my Star Student to fall from grace.

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  1. Yikes! I hope it can get resolved. Dakota got in trouble one time for calling some a shit. Your right they probably didn't act alone.

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