Fisher Price: Playing and Learning

Can you name any brand of toy that is synonymous with playing and learning? I know the first one that always comes to my mind is Fisher Price. What I did not know is that Fisher Price has been making quality toys since the 1930s, did you know that? I know I did not, but I knew that Fisher Price was and is the first choice of toys for my kids.

Recently the great ladies (and gents) of Mom Select contacted moms (moi) about reviewing Fisher Price’s infant toys. I know my kids would be perfect since they are in that toddler demolition derby mode, so let my kids really put the products to the test. The two great items we received to review are the Laugh and Learnâ„¢Learning Farm and the Go-Baby-Goâ„¢Stride-to-Rideâ„¢Lion.

When the packages arrived you would have thought my kids were going to lose their minds! Big G was still at school, but I tell you the twins were going crazy! They saw all the pretty colors on the packaging (great marketing folks!) and they knew immediately that these packages were for them. I wasted no time as I was about to be mamed by two little people if I did not get on the ball with putting these toys together.

I tackled the ride-on lion first and Little Bitty was losing her silly little mind because guess what moms and dads……he sings! Yes. He has great sing songs, his nose lights up, and he roars! Adorable. So Little Bitty entertained herself with the lion head while I put the scooter (sit and ride) seat together, which is super easy! I think all in all maybe 12 screws to hold everything altogether. I snapped and screwed it altogether pretty fast…but clearly not fast enough for a couple of 19 month old twins who were slapping each other to get to it. As you can see….Bitty snagged her position on the lion ASAP…she is wiry for such a little girl! I think she is a bit snarky like mom too! (*wink…thats for you Carissa!)

Next we moved onto the farm. I tell you….that farm is truly a farm of a toy to put together. I did need to read the directions a bit to make sure everything was copacetic for the put together, had a few more pieces and handling pieces for the kids for sensory learning. However, the twins were not having that. I could see their little feet tapping….waiting….impatiently for me to give them the mind blowing toy of the century that sings, has a radio dial….YES…A Radio Dial! Lots of learning songs from ABC’s to the 123’s, hand toys like vegetables to feed the cow, and eggs laid by the chicken. I wasted no time installing the electronics as I needed to calm some crazed gnomes fast! Whew, sing songs…we’re all good!

Yes, that is my Seth-En-Stein and his white boy dancing. Isn’t he just the cutest? Rock ON Seth!

By this time Grant was home from school. I was happy to find that even a kindergartener was enjoying the new toy and learning options, plus the songs are great for kids no matter the age.

I have to tell you that the learning farm is a HUGE hit in our home. The barn gate is a big winner too…Seth is seriously OCD about doors so he has great time opening and closing that. In addition to all the fun hands on learning, the kids will learn about shapes, colors, weather (I know…forgot to mention the radio has weather), animals, and as I mentioned before letters and numbers.

The lion is also a GREAT toy for my kids, they are at the age where riding toys are fun and are great for learning coordination and balance. Especially if they are using the lion like my kids do….as a step stool to snag stuff off the counters. DO NOT TRY!! I could not bear to snap a photo as I was sure someone would end up in the ER, so I had to prevent the lion from being used in such a manner. But when the lion is not a ride on toy he can be used as a walker for those just beginning to get their footing and learning to walk.

What I get to share with you!!

So with all my babble about Fisher Price and these FABULOUS toys that my kids will enjoy for years as will other children, I will enjoy sharing this fabulous offer with you to save $20 on your purchase of $100 or more of Fisher Price’s Laugh & Learnâ„¢ and/or Go Baby Go!â„¢ Infant Toys. But I cannot claim all the credit, the lovely ladies (and gents…I didn’t forget!) of MomSelect are sharing this with me to share with you! Be sure to go HERE to get your savings good in stores only for Fisher Price toys.

Thank you again Mom Select, Maria Bailey, Amy Sobel, and Fisher Price!

 *Five Fish always blog ethically and with transparency.

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