Get Rolling Nanda Clocky,, Clocky

Are you the type of person who sets your alarm clock an hour fast so you can snooze? How about setting the clock on the other side of the room so you HAVE to get up to turn it off? Are mornings a real drag….to say the least? Your solution?

CLOCKY! From Nanda Home.

This little bad boy only allows for one snooze. ONE. ES TODO, no more, that’s it! If it snoozes more than once this little bad boy will jump up to three feet in the air and take off rolling. Which means you, sleepy head, must get up and chase after it and turn it off!

Sounds wonderful right? (INSERT SARCASM)

Only takes 7 days to create a habit, perfect for the person who over sleeps and desperately needs an alarm clock to get their blood pumping first thing in the morning. Great for teens, tweens, husbands who cannot get up or hey Mama, maybe you are not a morning person and need a good wake-up call. Clocky is your solution.

Plus this clock comes in some fabulous colors from chrome to raspberry. Bright, bold, beautiful colors to match your every decor. The price is even easy on the pocketbook with a $45 price tag for the Chrome Clocky and $39 for all the other colors of Clocky. What is even better? You can get your exclusive The Five Fish savings for Clocky if you enter the code ‘fivefish’ at checkout. Have a Happy Holiday!,, Clocky
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4 Replies to “Get Rolling Nanda Clocky”

  1. This may be the coolest thing I've ever seen!!! My dear hubby who sets his alarm, but never hears it and needs me to wake him up so that he can shut the damn thing off. I would so position it so that it jumps and lands on him to wake him up (and then sleep on the couch as to avoid disturbing my rest).

  2. I love this!!! My husband does love that snooze… this would teach him…. Or my younger sister, my mom is always complaining about her alarm going off at 4 am so she can get up at 6am.

    amymoriah at live dot com

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