Hallmark eCards and National Christmas Card Day December 9

hallmark, hallmark ecardsI can hardly fathom that we are literally two weeks away from Christmas. My shopping is far from done and I am still scrambling for those “IT” gifts for my kids. Baking is still in dire neglect as I would love to share my goodies with my fabulous neighbors. Of course the cards. Christmas cards are my one time of year that I send out pictures of my kids to family members. Digression has set in though with my various projects, volunteer events, kids events, you know how it goes. So we have National Christmas Card Day to help remind us. The day of the year we should all send out our cards….or if you are short on time a Hallmark eCard.

Yes, we have a day just for Christmas cards. If you are like me and scrambling to send out those timely, stamped, handwritten treasures of old, you are in luck if you want to cheat a bit this year and send an e-card. While this may sound impersonal, I would much rather receive an e-card than a generic family picture with the token “Happy Holidays.” Call me quirky. So if you appreciate the expression of affection and thoughtfulness that accompanies sending a Christmas card but short on time check out these great e-card options:

Since Christmas is about the gifts to share and the “higher” story of the birth of our Savior one of my favorite e-cards was from Max Lucado where he tells the story of the birth of Jesus on an ordinary night.

Maybe you are a fan of vintage Christmas cards?  Oh how they represent a simpler time and a wholesome way of life. Send a Christmas Poem, this e-card is reminiscent of Twas the Night Before Christmas or E-mail-able Wishes to your loved one representing the joy of the 1950s traditional Hallmark style, with a modern day update. You can keep it simple as well and cover all the way through New Year’s with this e-card that echos of Hallmark 1960 era with a Holly Jolly Jingle.

The comedy lovers in your life will be sure to enjoy Santa Drops In, Dueling Knitters for those funny grannies, and my all time favorite of A Gingerbread Christmas.

If you are running short on time this holiday, check out all the Hallmark eCards to give you a leg up on sending out your holiday wishes and use them beyond this holiday so you can always ensure timely delivery.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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  1. Nothing says you care like Hallmark and the reason for that is because they work so hard to say everything we all think and want to say. They cater to all religions or no religions. They can be serious or funny.

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