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As a mom who is extremely health conscious of sugar intake in my kids diet I am always on the look out for healthy alternatives. Plant based sweeteners and naturally occurring sweeteners like honey, agave, and maple syrup are a go to with my recipes. I recently signed up to review Monk Fruit in the Raw sweetener as an alternative to sugar.

monk fruit in the raw, #intherawpartyI really had no expectations for the product. To be honest I am out of touch with a good portion of mainstream so I was okay going into this totally blind. More so were my guests who were also blind to the fact I was having a party featuring the product. We held a dinner party where Monk Fruit in the Raw was the guest of honor, showcased without a tremendous production, that’s how we roll.

My honest opinion was that it resembled Splenda. Light, fluffy, not very sugar like, with the exception of the white color of standard bleached sugar and I didn’t get that feeling that this was a solid sugar alternative. While the packaging indicates that it is a plant based, my opinion wasn’t that this was “all that” for plant based sweeteners. The ingredients are monk fruit extract and dextrose which is grape sugar.monk fruit in the raw, #intherawparty

Even though this is not a “Splenda” or sugar alternative like saccharin, the overall consistency reminded me of Splenda, saccharin, not anything I would probably use on a consistent basis. I am a texture person and if the texture looks processed and unnatural I just cannot get behind it.

The product overall was great and easy to use. Measuring spoon for spoon like sugar.

monk fruit in the raw, #intherawpartyMy guests were ever gracious and asked the same questions I did about the Monk Fruit and were willing to give it a go. The packaging was great and the men had a blast tossing it around like a football. The Monk Fruit in the Raw branded bags were also a hit for my party goers to take home with their sample, recipe cards and coupons.

Overall the party and product was a hit and definitely room for conversation with the fact this is a plant based product that resembles Splenda. I want to thank In The Raw for the great samples of Monk Fruit In the Raw to share with my party guests and family.

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  1. I can’t believe I’ve never eaten monk fruit, and I didn’t know they had this sweetener either. I avoid regular sugar and usually use stevia so I need to try this as well.

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