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As the weather begins to warm up and the family gets out and about to play, our insect friends are doing the same. They too are enjoying the warmth and unfortunately at our expense. Invading our homes, yards, and causing annoyances and grief to keep them at bay.

USDA Organic, organic, Karie Herring, thefivefish.comI am a firm believer in not using chemicals in and around my home because my kids can get into them, the residuals can get on their skin, and even my dog can get sick from the chemicals used in home pest control.

So I sought out non-toxic, alternative, safe methods, for the most part, an organic ant killer. I tried cinnamon, I still use diatomaceous earth (for my pool mostly) but also to ward off scorpions, fleas, and other exoskeleton buggers. I even found that corn meal can get rid of ants, but did not repel them.

EcoSMART is my savior. When I received the package I immediately surveyed the ingredients. How in the world could an insecticide, ant killer, and repellent be organic? Non-toxic? The answer? The ingredients are all natural oils, like peppermint oil, thyme oil, water, the ingredients are easy to understand and read.

I noticed as well after I received the package that our back patio is acquiring ants again. I went to work on eradicating the buggers so I did not and do not have to worry about my any of my kids being bit by the ants and my bulldog being besieged. I sprayed the ant killer around my back door, and where the ants were congregating and watched as they died on contact and as others came within any distance of the spray they immediately hauled off.

The scent was also completely tolerable. No smell of chemicals, just a fresh minty smell and as my kids were walking in and out of the back door, I did not have to worry about them coming into contact with the spray. While I did wash their hands and feet, I felt safe knowing that them coming in contact would not require me to take IMMEDIATE action or fear calling poison control.

Fact is that children are more often hurt in their own homes by products that we use everyday and assume to be “safe.” Additionally, bugs and pests are becoming more and more resilient to synthetic pesticides and as the formula’s change and the insects evolve combating the problem is only a band-aid and causes further harm to our children, pets, home, and family as we spray over and over and over again.

With EcoSMART you can spray over and over without the worry of residual effects of a synthetic pesticide to harm  your family. If you would like a safe, alternative to ward off pests be sure to check out EcoSMART which is available at Home Depot and other home improvement stores. Or you can enter my giveaway which ends April 15th, 2010. *I received product in exchange for a review and giveaway promotion.

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