I am a modest person by all means. I do not take compliments well, I have learned to smile very politely and show my gratitude but in the back of my mind I am running these questions:
  • What do they want?
  • Are they lying to get something?
  • Do I have shit in my teeth…dang it…forgot to floss
  • Are they saying this but behind my back saying something different?
Yeah I am a case what can I say. I am not modest with my kids…when people compliment about how beautiful and well behaved they are….I can almost feel my chest puff up in pride, my eyes sparkle, my skin flush and tighten. I KNOW I am a great mom.

So I have been told by some really wonderful bloggy women how I have a great blog….really??

I mean my purpose is to keep it real. I am a voice for PR (plus I get to try out cool stuff…um….tell me where there is an issue with that?), I am a voice for other women who go through the same stuff….so if you are wondering if a child can truly projectile vomit….the answer is yes, at a very HIGH rate of speed and velocity, viscosity is less than desirable and stench is AWFUL!! Invest in a shop vac now and some Holy Cow. Seriously…only thing I have ever used that will take the puke smell out of ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!! Okay, sorry, my tangent.

But really, I am here because I love to write. About me. My kids. As a woman. As a wife. As a Mom. As a consumer. As a student.

I really would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE for someone to pick me for Type-A Mom Con or SITScation!! I know SITScation is totally sold out…but there is a chance right?! I really do not have luck…but I have a TRUCK load of faith. Not the “Jesus Loves Me” type of faith….just plain, good, old fashioned FAITH. The one where you wish upon a star, you still wish with pennies in a fountain, a shooting star, a blown out candle on your birthday.

So I am putting this out there that I am begging, pleading, asking for someone to send me to these FABULOUS conferences to learn. To spread the blogging word and seed when I come back. To learn all I can in the short amout of time available for both of these events. No I am not one of these big blogs…but really….what do you get from a big blog other than a “fluffed” up number in my opinion. My blog is small….but BIG in heart, soul and love. I know that my readers….are my friends!! They will come here and share woes, they know I follow and read them back….I am not fast…but I am the little engine that could with them. I also know that A LOT of my readers keep coming back!! They are not just a face in the follower list, they are my friends, my confidants, my sisters. We share more than a blog, we share our experiences, our lives, our “Oh good its not just me” moments that make life that much more tolerable and A-OK to operate.

Again, I am begging, pleading, and asking for the opportunity. I saw how BlogHer in my opinion was a JOKE!! I have YET to see a woman come back and tell me what she learned other than how “fabulous she looked” or “I was jipped on swag….asshats!” or “OMG I was so effed up….what happened.” To those I tell you….GROW UP!!! Sure, have a great time…but conduct yourself with some damn class, some pride, and maybe some self respect and not act like a teenage girl dropped off in the big city for a date for the first time off the farm. Sheesh!

I plan to treat these conferences as I have all other conferences I have had the awesome opportunity to attend in the past…..business with a side of pleasure. Sure have a great time….but learn. Learn more about blogging, networking, the whole web 2.0 thang as Kelby puts it.

Really, I am a guppy in the big sea of bloggers, but my voice in all aspects carries a lot farther than just this blog. So please, take a chance, send a sister to one of these great conferences…or heck one of the conferences coming up in 2010. I am your vessel, just help by putting the wind in my sails and I will show you how this girl can fly!

8 Replies to “PICK ME”

  1. I would love to pick you Karie, but don't know how?! Is there a voting process, I seriously have no idea how these things work?

    Great post and thanks for keeping it real, as always!

    Love ya girl! Oh, and seriously, the award post is going up shortly, LOL!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. You do have an awesome blog! Get sponsored so you can take me with you! LOL
    I finally just got your award up…thanks again! 😉

  3. I so have wanted to go to a blogging conference since I heard about BlogHer. Good Luck getting to the two you shouted out! Fingers crossed someone picks ya!!

  4. I had never even heard of a blogging conference other than BlogHer. I was disappointed not to be able to go because I really did want to learn more about blogging. Guess I didn't miss too much, but I would still like to go. But I'm smaller too and don't really know how to go about it.

    Hope you find a sponsor!

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