Pillsbury Thanksgiving Fun Pack

Anyone ready for Thanksgiving? How about the holidays period? Not me! In fact I am hosting Thanksgiving at my house again this year and I am just at a loss. Totally unprepared. I am in the process of baking my pies (yes they are my signature…move over Martha!) and I know not everyone loves pie, especially the kids.

Pillsbury and MyBlogSpark provided me with a great holiday alternative, cookies! Plus they provided me with some fun Thanksgiving fun goodies.

Cookies you ask? Yes cookies. Wonderful sugar cookies. Kids love sugar cookies. And these wonderful delights (in moderation of course Mom) have a Turkey shaped right into them to celebrate the season. These cookies will help to celebrate and are a great alternative to pies. If your kids happen to object to pie.

Keep in mind these are the great Pillsbury® Ready to Bake!™ and they are for a limited time! Be sure to get them now before the holiday hits and you wish you bought some. Or if you want, you can win some here along with a great Thanksgiving gift pack to help relieve all your stress!

Thanksgiving Fun Pack:
Coupon for a free package of the Pillsbury Thanksgiving Shape® sugar cookies, as well as a turkey-shaped stress reliever, pencil, and finger puppet

MANDATORY ENTRY:  Tell me what stresses you out about the holidays that your stress Turkey will help to relieve….and of course the cookies or what is most fun about Thanksgiving to you! Comfort food…ahhhh.


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78 Replies to “Pillsbury Thanksgiving Fun Pack”

  1. My stress is entertaining; the money that comes with that:) I just like to enjoy them peacefully with a big turkey belly:)

  2. My Stress is trying to coordinate the food, the drinks, the chatting and trying to keep the kids out of the kitchen!! The holidays always go by way too fast! And I will enjoy them as my few minutes away from it all…

  3. Hmm. . .having family members that don't get along! Yet we all get together "to be Nice".
    It puts so much stress in the kitchen–but once we dig into my favorite Peanut Butter cookies and wonderful pies my mom makes,
    we at least can all agree on eating!

  4. My biggest stress is making everything actually taste good. I'm not a big cook and to have an extra 4 or 5 people over can be stressful to me.


  5. My in-laws are always stressing me out, but they are at their worst during the holidays! I could use the turkey stress reliever and throw it at them when they drive me nuts. Wait – I don't think that is what it was for.

  6. What stresses me the most is having everything ready to be served at the same time for the meal. With the Turkey Cookies, they are bake ahead – so the dessert is a no-strss item! I also like the way they are cute and festive!

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  7. Having to see my mother in law! We don't see eye to eye and I always get sick from being so stressed out when I see her!


  8. The cleanup stresses me out completely! Last year it took me 1.5 hours. Not joking! A cookie will cheer me up after I clean up.

  9. I stress over family- who's going where and all that jazz. I wish I could just relax! LOL

  10. I get stressed because our oldest child thrives on routine, there is no routine on Thanksgiving and he will probably be tantruming by the end of the day.

    I do love though that we get to see family we don't get to regularly see and the food is yummy of course!


  11. What stresses me out – is getting the house in a presentable manner and keeping it that way before everyone comes


  12. my stress is dealing with relatives that don't get along and this year will be dealing with the loss of my grandmother and dad too.

    micaela6955 at msn dot com

  13. My stress is trying to make two families happy. Trying to not offend either, by not spending the entire day with them.
    amymoriah at live dot com

  14. Our Thanksgivings have been a bit stressful in that past having to be at 2 places at once and always upsetting one family or the other. Thankfully this year one family is having Thanksgiving on Saturday instead-yay!

    khmorgan_00 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  15. Time or lack there of. You take all of your regular duties and add extra shopping, cooking and festivities. Is there such thing as stressful fun?

  16. I think what stresses me out most about the holidays is trying to get it all done. There is so much to do and so little time I'd be squeezing the stuffing out of that stress turkey. Though what I love about the holidays is getting the family all together and really enjoying our time together!

  17. My in-laws stress me out most around the holidays, but I got lucky this year, and they won't be around. 😉 So I guess the next most stressful thing is getting that darn turkey right!

    The food is the best part, of course.

    stormraven at gmail dot com

  18. The most stressful part is being able to fit in time to visit all the families. However, it is nice to try pie at each visit 🙂

  19. What stresses ME most is cleaning my house for company to come. I don't mind the cooking so much, but trying to make sure everything is spotless is a killer for me! Thanks so much! pamelashockley(AT)netscape(DOT)ne

  20. Trying to balance our two families stresses me out. And I love Christmas baking! My mom and bake thousands of cookies, candies, and bars!

  21. Trying to stay composed around family and friends while remembering loved ones recently lost and the great holidays spent together – this stresses me out! The most fun is successfully preparing perfect fluffy mashed potatoes with just a hint of garlic added:)


  22. What stresses me out most is trying to navigate the grocery store with all those people while I am picking up the things I need for Thanksgiving. This year I was done early, but I had to do the shopping for my daughters household. What a zoo!!!

    The fun is being able to get together with Family & friends and enjoy the time together. Watch a little football. And I love the just being able to munch all day since we have a day long buffet.

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