Sondra Roberts Twitter Party

Okay you handbag junkies, time to come out of the woodwork and come party on Twitter for an online fashion show for some HOT HOT HOT handbags from Sondra Roberts. If you haven’t seen Sondra’s bags and clutches you must go see for yourself.

In fact that hot tote you see there is up for grabs…that is if I don’t win it first! HA! Yes she has some fabulous designs and the prices are just right too! So if you want to participate and enter to win…head on over to Janine’s place and be sure to RSVP. Because crashing a party is seriously so tacky. RSVP, and then play along at the party:
WHEN: Thursday November 19th, 2009 @ 8:00pm EST
WHERE: Twitter #sondraroberts or on Resourceful Mom’s stickam page
WHAT: Bring yourself, tell your friends, but be sure to RSVP
GIVEAWAYS: Anyone who RSVPs and participates will have a chance to win one of several Sondra Roberts handbags we’ll be giving away live.
Follow hosts @TwoferMom @ShortPumpPreppy and @ResourcefulMom
So head on over and RSVP and good luck! Should be a blast!

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