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Who in the world does not enjoy a good slice of pie? I for one thoroughly enjoy a good piece (or two) of a pizza pie from a great pizza joint. Especially this year! Why this year?

I have hosted THREE, yes, I said THREE major holidays this year of which two are the biggest, Thanksgiving and Christmas. For each one, I fail to cook the night before because let’s face the facts; who wants to cook a dinner when the next day you spend the ENTIRE day cooking dinner for an army. Plus the baking, the cleaning, the humanity!

Pizza is a big fave in The Fish home and we also enjoy a good bout of organic goodies, I try to shop and buy as much as I possibly can because of all the benefits of going organic which you can read about here. Imagine my surprise when I heard of a pizza joint that has certified organic ingredients I was in heaven!

Seriously though even The Chad thought oxymoron, “Pizza” and “Organic” together? Not possible. Possible.

Well, until he tried zpizza with me and the kids.

Now zpizza is not just about pizza, but salads, sandwiches, and more. zpizza offers a healthy and lighter alternative to some of your favorite foods. The ingredients are some of the finest, exotic, and freshest. 100% certified organic tomato sauce and flour coupled with MSG-free pepperoni for a truly amazing dining experience.

The Fish family received certificates to enjoy a pizza (or other dining options) from zpizza in the last week and I tell you what, seriously some of the most filling, flavorful, tasty, mouth watering, no other pizza can whet your appetite like zpizza. No lie, hands down, some of the best pizza and not because we received certificates to try out the pizza on behalf of zpizza.

I have had a sampling of zpizza before but not like this night, it was HOT, fresh, and OH. SO. GOOD! We ordered locally here in Arizona at the Midtown Phoenix location of 53 W. Thomas Road. I love midtown, downtown Phoenix, lots of up and coming businesses, a very hip and modern area revived in the midtown, downtown area.

The hubs was raving, the kids were cheering, well they weren’t really because they were too busy scarfing down the pizza but you catch my drift. We ordered the American, a wonderful blend of fresh veggies, meat, comparable to a “Supreme” at other pizza places but this one is FULL flavor.

The crust was more of a light bread of sorts, not doughy, not too thick, not too crunchy, the true essence of a brick oven pizza if you have ever had brick oven pizza. The cheese was mild, not salty like traditional pizzas, the sauce was light and enough to add flavor to the pizza without taking over the pie and not dripping off the slices. The toppings. OH, the toppings were out of this world! Fresh! Cooked even, and still fresh. Large helpings of toppings that were full of taste, crispness, and color. If you recall “traditional” pizza the toppings are meek, pitiful, lack in color and taste and most often are soggy from the loads of grease. These toppings literally POPPED from our pie.

Big G wasn’t too hip on the toppings so The Chad and I gladly ate his veggie toppings, savoring, every. Last. Bite. Now “traditional” pizzas leave you full and dissatisfied with yourself, like a glutton, pure swine after you eat it, and even after we had our slices, we were pleasantly full. Not overstuffed like a turkey at holiday or the need to slip into sweat pants, but satisfied on more than several levels.

So does this pizza option sound tempting enough for you?
Is your mouth watering for this tasty delicacy so aptly misnamed as “pizza?”

GOOD! Here is how you can win a $20 certificate to zpizza and avoid cooking for one night!

Mandatory entry: Tell me where the nearest zpizza is to your home and which creation (pizza or otherwise) you would order in your home to chow on?

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Best of Luck!!

72 Replies to “Pizza for You and Pizza for Me: zpizza”

  1. The nearest one to me is 20min away in Valencia next to Tilly's. Always pass by but never been in. Would love to try it, I love pizza!

  2. The closest to me is in Falls Church, VA, about 10 minutes away. I'd bring home a ZBQ pizza… my favorite!!

    krtrumpet [at] aol [dot] com

  3. There will be a zpizza opening soon in West Village in NYC. I would order the Berkeley Vegan pizza, sounds awesome!

    xmeliss182x (at) yahoo (dot) com

  4. the closest one to me right now is in Mechanicsburg PA but there's one coming to DC and that's closer! i want to try the casablanca!

  5. Boy do I miss living in Phoenix. I lived in the Encanto Park area right close to Thomas and Central. I miss the pizzas and Miracle Mile deli at the mall there in downtown. Your so lucky to have this. They're so stuck on Papa John's and Pizza Hut still here in the panhandle of "Florida". We did manage to find a place nearby called "Papa's Pizza" that's the closest thing to a decent pizza I'll eat. Unfortunately they don't deliver though, so it's a pizza I have to work for, LOL. I'm jealous of whoever gets to win this.

  6. I live in Florida so the closest one to me is GA. But I also take trips to Columbus, OH quite often because friends live there. And they have a restaurant there:) And the pizza I would most like is Sausage and Mushroom:) Please enter me. Thanks!!


  7. The closest one to me is in Seal Beach, Ca. (Old Ranch Town Center). I would order the Penne with Chicken and Basil Pesto. I haven't tried it before, but it looks delish! Thanks.
    pjgirl74 at aol dot com

  8. I have never been there, but there is one in Fremont, CA — about 8 miles from me. I'd love to try their Greek Pizza!

  9. The closest location to me is in Austin on 2nd. This would be a perfect place to visit when I go up to see my best friend. I'd love to try the Santa Fe pizza! 😀
    melababy at gmail

  10. 1. I'm closest to the ZPizza in El Segundo, and I love the Berkeley Vegan!

    2. Following @Zpizza as @seeitsmebooks

    3. Following you as @seeitsmebooks

    4. Tweeted this as @seeitsmebooks


  11. The nearest one to my sister's place is here:
    4010 Bissonnet St.
    Houston TX, 77005
    P: (713) 432-7219

    The Provence looks DELICIOUS

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