The Problem with Politics, Religion, and Vacuum Cleaners

Sounds odd right? The politics, religion, and vacuum cleaners combination. Really though have you met anyone that refuses to back down on their personal opinion of their political stance, their staunch religious beliefs, and the fact they have the best damned vacuum cleaner ever?

I thought so.

No, each of these believes that their way is the best. The sect of religion is THE sacred path to redemption, their party is the GOP (Grand O’l Party) and again THE party. Or maybe that the Dyson they own is truly THE BEST sucker out there. Moving on.

A few weeks back I attended a workshop for stampers, they are quite literally more fanatical about stamps than scrapbook creators are about widgets and paper. The workshop was rather enjoyable especially since my Grant baby was enthralled in the Holly and Hal Moose video from Build-A-Bear and he has his own crafty projects to make.

Time passed and the small group of women tediously worked on their projects, perfecting and adding the minute details of their cookie cutter, quite literally Xerox copies of each others project, cards. Niceties were exchanged, gabbing commenced, and then the ultimate blow of offenses.

“You know it is not a ‘Holiday Tree’ this is America, it is called a ‘Christmas Tree’ so let’s just call it that and move on and quit trying to be friends with these crazy Muslims and what not…”

Now I am not, by any means, an easily offended person. But that comment, spewed from the mouth of an older, white, staunch conservative, no more than a high school education, WOMAN, pissed me the hell off. Why? Why was I so clearly irked by her lack of cultural sensitivity, her blissful ignorance, her sheer disregard for her new audience? Hmm, one could wonder why right?

Not I. I had no care to wonder, because this woman who was hosting me in her home had no idea whether my messiah was derived from the over translated New Testament, the Book of Moses, or if my messiah might possibly be Muhammad himself, or better yet a higher language of thought and enlightenment through Buddhism or hell maybe I was Satan reincarnate through Hinduism in the form of a hot blond. Do you see my level here? No? Here is the deal.

You can be Catholic, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Mormon, an Atheist, a Pagan, a Hindu, or Buddhist, but do NOT assume that because we live in what I feel is a large melting pot of cultural  beliefs and racial assimilates that I too am as ignorant and a staunch conservative, WHITE, pseudo-Republican, and Christ belief bearing as you. I truly do not mind that so many people have so many beliefs, I rather find the various beliefs of great interest to me, I question everything because I wish to learn more, not find the one divine path to redemption. I find redemption within my own self, not from some righteous ass who tells me I need to find redemption by giving to their authority in the form of cash and guilty Sabbath visits or confessionals.

I will admit, I am Caucasian, I am a registered card bearing member of the Republican Party, I am also a gun owner, a baptized Baptist whom has been non-practicing for over 20 years, I am Pro Choice (GASP!), and I like many other morons voted for Bush…TWICE, but I also voted for Barrack Obama. I believe in Mother Earth, a higher power of sorts, reincarnation, an afterlife, I believe in free will, choices, the ultimate separation of Church and State because I believe homosexuals should be granted the same unhappiness of marriage like us heterosexual folks. Seriously, why should we be damned granted blissful marriage and divorce only? Makes sense right?

But I do not go about assuming that each and every person I come into contact with is of the same beliefs. I do not push my beliefs like a hustler. I embrace the diversity. I embrace my often mis-informed Republican kin, my zealous Democratic kin (who quite possibly are lost in translation….much like my Republican brethren), I embrace the word of the Torah, the Quran, canon (most likely Tibetan by all intents and purposes), the Book of Mormon, I embrace these as the words of good living, a form of ethics and a higher ascension, not for redemption and “I’m better than you because I believe in Christ” or “You’re going to hell”  (because I don’t believe the way you do). I also do not swallow all these words, but they are chew worthy and food for thought.

Really we spend so much time convincing others of our beliefs that one has to wonder their own religion if they are too busy selling the water. So I will drink the tap and thank you kindly for the hospitality, appreciate your strong beliefs and go on with my merry sinful living to your devout singular beliefs. Because I surely did not just tell you that you HAD to vote for Barrack Obama because we needed change in this country, I did not tell you that you must pray five times a day, barefoot, facing East in order to find divinity in your life, and I surely did not just force my Kenmore Progressive Upright in your face because it IS the best vacuum….Consumer Reports even called it a best buy! Embrace diversity and show a bit of consideration to your audience.

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  1. I never thought that vacuum cleaners were such a hot topic of taboo conversations…

    I agree that we shouldn't go pushing our beliefs like we do our opinion of what vacuum is best.

    Thanks for the reminder,

  2. Good Post…just like you cant talk about Politics, Religion and Sex. Vacuum Cleaners were banned in Canada for this reason…too many fights. 🙂


  3. Preach it, Sister! I'm fully with you on this one. Living in Texas, in bible belt country, it's very hard to find someone of like minds to the way we think. We fully acknowledge, believe, and accept that people have different schools of thought about religion. But so help me, if one more person introduces themselves to me with a "Hi, I'm (insert Texas drawled name here). What church do you go to?" I'm seriously considering kicking them in the shins and running away. Do not assume that everyone subscribes to the same beliefs as you!


  4. I'm with you on acceptance because God knows Buzz and I have been unaccepted by so many groups of people (for the most part due to being an interracial couple) and it just stinks. I have never gone out of my way to slur against any other group of people and while I adamantly reply with "merry Christmas" and call it a "Christmas tree" I most certainly don't expect you to say it back and if I receive a Happy Hanukkah then I most certainly smile and reply with the same or in the very least a "happy holidays". It doesn't take much to be considerate of others, there's all too much "mean-ness" in the world today and there's no need to add to it.

    BTW – my vacuum sucks (ha ha but no, really it does)

  5. Great post! I hate when people try to push their beliefs on others. It's one thing when you ask about their religion or vacuum, but totally another to be beat on the head with their views.

  6. Great thoughts! I can't stand it when people push their beliefs on me because I don't do it to others. I'm not a particularly religious person but I've read the bible, studied buddhism and universal spiritual principles. I take away the things that work for me and chuck the rest. I don't believe there is ONE right way…I find truth in many ways. That woman is just plain ignorant!

  7. Fantastic post Karie. I've had friends from both political parties push their beliefs on me and although it hasn't cost me any friendships it is a pet peeve of mine. I like to respect all viewpoints, creeds, religions etc and who am I to say what is right and what is wrong. Meh end mini rant.

  8. You and I are much alike girly…except I didnt vote for Obama and Im not pro choice…other than that practically twins LOL. I hate when people push things on to me or assume that I would feel one way or another. I think people say things in bad taste. I have many very strong beliefs that I would never, ever, EVAH change my mind on…but I also would never put my beliefs upon someone else. My husband hunts, we own many guns, I believe in something bigger than myself but am fascinated by ALL religions, I support gay marriage, and I believe that everyone has a right to their freedoms as long as they go about them legally. And my vacuum is great, sucks like a hoover

  9. the old bittys always have a way with words. my hubby and i had to walk out of our GD class one day because the old bittys were convinced the gays were gonna ran sack the chapel due to the California prop question.. my hubs works in orange county and said "how bout i paul revere for you guys, ill drive as fast as i can from california and shout THE GAYS ARE COMING THE GAYS ARE COMING through our ward neighborhood so you have a heads up." we then got up and walked out. flippin old bittys.

  10. ya know religion should be about finding a blissful state of happiness and not redeption…but see a lot of us are taught that it should be a path to redeption which is a pity as it makes a hell lot of a difference!

  11. I get so pissed when people try to shove their beliefs down my throat–as if I care? So annoying. Probably why I avoid talking about religion/politics. Because like you said–everyone believes that what they believe is the "right" way.

    Love this post! You always get me thinking–and in a great way. xoxo

  12. Oh gawd, for all that is wholly, Ramen, sister!

    I totally, agree with you on this. I get angry that because people see a white face looking back at them, they think I too will share their racist, bigoted and morally offensive views.

    I want to wish you a very Happy New Year, lass. I hope you have a very enjoyable Hogmanay tomorrow and bring in the bells with a flourish!


  13. Great post at a great time. I enjoyed reading it very much today.

    I have that Kenmore and love, love, love it – it's just the best lol 🙂

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