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Educational toys are becoming hotter and hotter for kids and parents. The educational toys are not the standard toys we have stereotyped in the past, these toys allow for serious imagination on behalf of kids and parents.

This year Grant was begging for Bendaroos for his birthday and while he begged and then stopped begging and then started begging again for G.I. Joe’s. He got G.I. Joe’s for the birthday and we did the Bendaroos 200pc. Ocean Creatures for the gift guide review, because Big G LOVES the ocean and any sort of underwater sea life.

We like the Bendaroos because they are non-toxic, reusuable, do not make a huge mess (unless you leave them in the sun to melt) and you can make all sorts of shapes and creations.Now if you kids are low on ideas for creations, don’t worry Bendaroos has theme packs loaded with templates and fun ideas for endless hours of imaginative play.

Bendaroos are made out of wax and a yarn material [Source: Bendaroos FAQ, 2009] allowing them to bed and flex and mold without the mess and they can be used virtually anywhere. No need to have a designated play area for creations like with Play-Doh, Moon Sand or any other material that leaves messes and requires a special play area.

The Bendaroos play packs come in a variety of options such as the 200pc Ocean Creatures there are also:

100 pc.

  • Animals
  • Crawling Critters
  • Flowers and Butterflies
  • Fun Food


  • Ocean Creatures
  • Zoo Animals

And of course the 500pc MEGA set which includes 250 rainbow pieces and 250 neon-colored pieces, plus templates and the mess and stain free play that Bendaroos offers!

The great thing about Bendaroos too is that they are super affordable with prices starting as low as $5.99 and up to $19.99 for the 500pc. play set. But what if you don’t want to wait to buy these….well… are your deets for entering to win a 200pc or 100pc Bendaroos theme pack!

MANDATORY ENTRY: Visit Bendaroos and tell me what you like most and which activity play set your child would love for Christmas!


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