Reward Your School Box Tops for Education & Giveaway

Confession: I am one of THOSE moms. I save all the tabs off of pop cans to send with my son to school. I send in everything the PTO requests for fundraisers (otherwise they might fire me from my Board position) and of course I am a HUGE proponent for effortlessly snipping each and every box top from each and every participating product that prints box tops on the packaging.

Did you know that you can help your local school by sending in those box tops? While the cash amount may seem so menial the numbers slowly begin to add up and build and multiply exponentially. Just since the beginning of the school year my son’s school has been able to generate $500 in box tops for education. $500!! The number is truly huge considering that those funds, went right back into the school for the kids to help pay for field trips and extracurricular’s for the kids. The number makes me beam as a parent to know I am helping to make a difference in my child’s life and education by participating. Plus, what kind of PTO board member would I be if I wasn’t participating.

So when I received notice from MyBlogSpark that they, Kroger brand stores (which I only shop there….because I love my local Fry’s Food…they have AWESOME options) and Box Tops had a campaign to share about Reward Your School I had to share! I first went and shared all the information with the PTO to make sure the parents got the info as well and now, I want to share with you my faithful readers the way you and your child’s school can automatically receive FIVE free box tops just for registering, plus additional offers for MORE box tops on participating purchases. Just visit register and select your personalized offers for additional box tops. Those box tops will automatically go to your school so no worries about clipping additional packages either.

In addition to this great campaign to promote monies for schools I get to share with you a great giveaway on behalf of MyBlogSpark and General Mills for a $25 gift card to Kroger brand stores! Here’s how you can enter to win:  What do you do to help raise monies for your child’s school? Or tell me if you are a closet clipper too for box tops and pop can tabs? (answer this first to be entered)

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Best of Luck!

269 Replies to “Reward Your School Box Tops for Education & Giveaway”

  1. I have an envelope FULL of those box tops…guess they aren't doing much for the school, yet, but that's what I do. I bring them to the school when I have a TON of them.

    reallyareyouserious at gmail dot com

  2. I clip box tops for my neice and nephews for the past 8 years. They are always happy when I drop them off for their school collection box.

    And yes, I do save the popcan tabs as well for my dad, he drops them off somewhere for the leukemia foundation or something similar to that.

  3. I always clip boxtops and help with bake sales for the elementary school!
    Thank you for the giveaway 🙂

  4. Oops, I am sorry I didn't realize I already posted that! I also emailed a friend about this giveaway. Sorry again!

  5. To help my kids raise money for their school, I would buy whatever they were selling for the fundraiser and helped out with the annual fall festival.

    rhoneygtn at yahoo dot com

  6. I save all the box tops and have asked other family members to pass along their box tops to us as well. My daughter's school has a contest for which class can bring in the most box tops.

  7. Box tops, box tops, box tops! They go to our children's schools. They are saving up for new computer equipment.

  8. I actually Participate in the Bake Sales for the PTA. it's not only fun but i've made a few friends along the way!

  9. My daughter is out of school now but when she was in high school I entered an online sweepstakes and won $5,000 for her high school.

  10. I collect box tops for my school, not just the ones from our products and friensd and family but also from the recyling drop off point. Bring in baggies full each month

  11. I don't usually save box tops but I know I should. I don't have kids in school but I think I'll start collecting them anyway and give to a neighbor– I'm sure she collects box tops.

  12. I've done all kinds of stuff for our school. With 75% living in poverty, some can't even afford pencils and notebooks, those are unaffordable luxaries. I entered our school in a contest for a grant based on need and they won $5,000. I collect boxtops from others and am able to donate $100 or more a year in just boxtops. I'm not even a parent! I just try to help out where I can.

    jenndiggy at gmail dot com

  13. I won 100 box tops from Safeway, and so did a few family members. I clip the box tops, and also have asked a few friends to do so.

  14. since bake sales are now out we are trying to raise money with a 5K run. We still use the box top program but with school cut backs it's getting even harder

  15. I clip box tops and also use a keychain grocery tag where a portion goes to my son's school.


  16. I have to be honest. I have not started saving box tops yet. I know I should but I always forget. I will try and be better about it in the future.

  17. We help raise money by participating in the fundraisers where people by products from a catelog. I also purchase pizza during Papa John's Pizza Week, with proceeds going to the schools. We do little things here and there that really adds up. Thanks for this giveaway.

    heidibokor @ yahoo . com

  18. I clip Box Tops and Labels For Education, water bottle labels and soda can tabs. Anything to help the schools.

    mrssquigg at comcast dot net

  19. I save boxtops, buy raffle tickets, write donation checks to the PTO, and selectively buy products from school fund raisers.

  20. I am so one of those boxtop clipping moms. I even collect them when I see the boxtops at family, friends, work, etc.!

    Thank you for the giveaway

  21. I collect Box Tops for my granddaughter's school. I contribute baked goods when they have bake sales. And I've bought everything that she sells for fundraisers whether its candy bars or wrapping papers.
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    proudyaya04 {at} yahoo {dot} com

  22. No, im not a closet clipper or collector I do everything I do out in the open, no hiding here lol


  23. I have always wondered about the box tops! I have never saved them, as my daughter is too young for school, but I have always felt it was a waste to throw them out.

  24. A lady in my community collects them for her granddaughters school,,she wont let me throw them away! I am glad to have someone doing this!

  25. I do clip box tops for my niece and nephew's elementary school, and to help them make more money for school fundraisers, I always take their order forms or sale items to work with me to get as many purchases from my always-willing colleagues as possible.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  26. I like to hold neighborhood fundraisers for the school. Yes, I clip those boxtops.

    charisscharity at yahoo dot com

  27. I've pretty much done it all….boxtops, can tabs, working the booths at carnivals, working the book sales, selling wrapping paper. You name it…We've done it! Thanks so much! pamelashockley(AT)netscape(DOT)net

  28. I was boxtop coordinator for our elementary school for 10 years, we raised alot of money that was used to purchase books for our library and classrooms. My children are now in college and high school, but I still clip boxtops to help the school.

  29. I don't have any children in school so my efforts are sporadic. When I think about it I will clip the box tops and when I accumulate a few dozen I turn them in. I know I don't make a big impact but every little bit helps.

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