In Love with Monave

Another heartfelt holiday season is upon us and while most think that Valentine’s is just a Hallmark holiday, the rest of us like to take the day to truly celebrate love. So our friends at Monave have a very special giveaway to offer:

Think of a special woman in your life: mother, daughter, sister, granddaughter. Do you think you could guess which Monave products she would enjoy? Would you like to surprise her with a lovely gift-wrapped set of whatever Monave products you think she’d enjoy, for Valentine’s Day? If you are game, and want to take the plunge, please email Monave via , and describe a meaningful experience that you’ve had with this special someone. There’s no limit to how much you say. They will pick three winners, based on content, and the winner will choose up to $50.00 worth of Monave products that they think their special someone would love!

Your last day to enter is February 9th so be sure to get our submissions in just in time for Valentine’s Day!

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