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Nothing in the world is more unique to a woman than something that she made or something that was made out of love for her. While on my quest for fabulous gifts for women for the holidays I came across ScentCrafters and their superior service. Have you ever wanted to make your own fragrance like the stars? Maybe even name your fragrance, all your own, pick the bottle style, color, shape, the entire process?,, perfume

Make this wish come true for the woman in your life by visiting the ScentCrafters site and creating a very personalized fragrance for the special woman in your life and name the fragrance just for her. Or better yet, order a gift certificate and let her create her own scent, instigate her own name and choose from all the wonderful options for bottles., Karie Herring, scentcrafters.comAs you can see this is my personal bottle. Lurve it don’t you? You want to touch it, spray it, hold it. I called it Atlantis to go with my “fishy” family theme. Plus I am a die hard romantic and geek for mythology. The scent I chose is actually based on the commercial perfumes. I love Chanel No. 5 (and I mean LOVE it) and I love anything Victoria’s Secret so I chose a beautiful blend of Victoria’s Secret Divine and Chanel No. 5 and let me tell you….wonderful, romantic, ultra feminine, and not overpowering or raunchy. Just absolutely heavenly. I love to spray some on after a shower.

You can also choose of up to five scents in your fragrance for a truly unique style and blend of perfume. The scents are described in their entirety so you really cannot go wrong, ScentCrafters also has a scents suggestion to tell you which scents will pair best together with your top, middle, and bottom notes.

Just imagine the woman in your life enjoying this wonderful luxury of her very own perfume, with satin bag, personalized name to her fragrance, and she can always order more!

But do not just take my word on this wonderful product. Go visit the Scent Crafters site, also be sure to check out the option to purchase multiple bottles. Prices start at $39.99 for an individual bottle and $18 for an order of 10 or more. That is equivalent to your standard commercial bottle if you think about the pricing for the bundle and still a steal for the price of a single bottle. Spoil the woman you love this year by gifting her a fragrance she will never forget.

Don’t forget to DOWNLOAD your Copy of the catalog HERE and all the fabulous participants, savings, and giveaways!
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7 Replies to “Gifts for Her: ScentCrafters”

  1. That sounds like a wonderful perfume {and a good price too}! I must go check out the website, thanks for the introduction!!
    {I think this would be a perfect gift for my MIL}


  2. CRAZY cool! I checked out what scents they'd recommend for me and I'm intrigued with this combo:
    Main Scent: Ginger Spice
    Scent1: China Rain
    Scent2: Raspberry

    What a great idea! I'll have to give this hint to the mister for Christmas for sure. 🙂 Thanks for introducing me to them!

  3. This is too cool! Although perfume is usually a little too strong for me. I prefer lotions. Gonna have to take a closer look though.

  4. So your one of those good smell'n ladies that I would stop in middle of the street like a crazy person.

    "OMGosh, you smell so good" lady looking at Momma like "step back woman or I'll tae bo your butt" "No really, what are you wearing?"

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