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Date night is the most exciting event for any couple. Romance, relaxation, fun, anything can happen on date night. Couples often complicate date night and the event turns into a stress mongering situation. Arranging a babysitter, deciding on where to go, affording the evening; all the details that can ruin the romance. Keep things simple for date night with Crated with Love.

Stress Free Date Night

A carefully curated box full of fun, adventure, creativity, romance, all while connecting and creating quality time with your significant other. No more stress about where to go for date night as Crated with Love will take you on a journey without ever leaving home! Full of games and activities that will reignite your spark.

About Crated with Love

We’ve been there. You have a mortgage, bills, kids, and a demanding job. Life is crazy and the romance in your relationship can become neglected. Did you know that the amount of “couple time” in your relationship is directly correlated to your probability for happiness and even your probability for divorce? Couple time can even affect children’s social skills and academic behavior. So, why don’t we make the effort to improve the romance?

Our mission at Crated with Love is to keep the best part of your relationship alive and thriving through love and laughter with creative, simple date ideas. Many other subscription boxes focus on the items within. We are a little different. Every item in each box has a designated purpose in building skills in your relationship.

Box & Subscription Options

Crated with Love is perfect for a monthly date night “in” to rekindle your relationship, grow a deeper bond, or as a gift option for that couple who could use a date night! That’s right, Crated with Love offers a truly unique option to “gift” a subscription without the long term commitment of another monthly fee. A one-time fee which includes two date night boxes, a personalized message, and a customized ship date. A new theme every month, free shipping, and fun activities and challenges to build, grow, deepen, or reignite the flame between any couple.

Travel Far Without Leaving Home

Date night doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune to make the evening worth while. Albeit nice to escape the confines of home, some couples do not have the luxury with kids, finances, or simply going out is a hassle. Our Crated with Love box took us to Rome! We were challenged to discuss our dreams, create a forum for openness and vulnerability, and work together to build a Roman catapult with Popsicle sticks. All things we may, or may not, have done if we just had dinner and drinks on a traditional date night. We had the rich opportunity to really delve into where our relationship is taking us now that are kids are growing older and one day in the future, we will find just the two of us as our kids move on to make their own lives and relationships. What I really enjoyed, was the opportunity to show our kids that we can have a date night and include them as well. They participated in watching us have an open and loving discussion, all while building intimacy without neglecting our relationship or having to find a sitter.

Are you ready to be crated off for fun and adventure? The only reservations you need to make are to one another in this one of a kind date night right in your own home.

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