Simplifying Date Night – Crated with Love

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Date night is the most exciting event for any couple. Romance, relaxation, fun, anything can happen on date night. Couples often complicate date night and the event turns into a stress mongering situation. Arranging a babysitter, deciding on where to go, affording the evening; all the details that can ruin the romance. Keep things simple for date night with Crated with Love. Continue reading “Simplifying Date Night – Crated with Love”

Satisfy those cravings all Month with The PMS Package

the PMS package, PMS package, subscription box

Chocolate. Chips and salsa. Pickles. Cake. Cookies. Burgers. Fries. Onion rings. Shakes. Any of these goodies sound familiar as the prime desire at one particular week of the month? For me, chocolate and chips and salsa are my vice. I could eat enough to put myself into a coma! Not really, but they are my craving of choice. In fact, an organization exists that looks to satisfy those cravings all month long, The PMS Package. Continue reading “Satisfy those cravings all Month with The PMS Package”

GainZ Box For the Gym Addict – 52 Weeks of Subscriptions, Shopping & Boxes

About a year and a half ago I went on a major transformation with my health. Lifting heavy weights and paying attention to what I was eating was on the daily for me. I quickly became a gym addict and loved all that I was feeling; sore, tired, energized and always hungry. Last fall needed something new in my routine and I found CrossFit, rather functional fitness. Of course, like any good thing a monthly box and subscription exists for the gym addict, Gain[Z] boxes, which are curated based on functional fitness. A monthly box that contains awesome workout clothes, fitness coupons and swag, as well as fitness gear and other goodies! Who wouldn’t love the goodies contained in this box? Continue reading “GainZ Box For the Gym Addict – 52 Weeks of Subscriptions, Shopping & Boxes”

Scratch Nail Wraps Monthly Mani Kit

Scratch Nail Wraps Monthly Mani kit

Are you loving a new look for your nails each month but struggle to find the time to see your nail tech or salon? Patience and time are not on your side when you attempt to paint your nails at home. Kids, dogs, dinner, laundry, let alone trying to pamper yourself for a quick manicure to treat yourself. Now a mail service that delivers manicures to your door for a fraction of the price of the salon. No more struggling with bottles of nail polish as Scratch Nail wraps monthly mani kit help you achieve beautiful hands and nails for little time and a little price. Continue reading “Scratch Nail Wraps Monthly Mani Kit”