Sip and Seed Bird Feeder

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Spring has definitely arrived in Arizona. While the temperatures are starting to scorch into the high 80s this week, the flora and fauna are alive and bursting with color, scent and energy. This means that the wildlife are out and enjoying the wonderful weather as well.

This time of year in Arizona is also a very popular time of year for cardinals to be mating, hummingbirds to be pollinating and feeding on the spring blossoms, and citrus groves are pungent with fragrance. Early mornings are so wonderful as you can enjoy the sounds of birds chirping, the fresh cool breeze and occasionally you will see a visitor if you happen to have blossoms around your home.

Our home is decorated with honeysuckle but at times the evergreens are late to bloom and I love to watch the hummingbirds zip around, especially for the kids to enjoy. So our home recently received the sip & seed birdfeeder that allows birds to both sip and eat. I immediately pulled it out of the box and filled the water tank portion of the feeder with hummingbird water mix. Such a lovely bright red color.

We did attempt the seed feed for the other birds like the cardinals and finches, but with toddlers, they managed tools to knock the snacks out and scare away the larger birds that we were enjoying on our patio. Nevertheless, the hummingbirds were a sight to see and the kids enjoyed watching our feathered friends.

In addition to the fun they had, I enjoy the feeder for it’s stylish design. Other bird feeders arebirdfeeder rather bulky and unattractive while the sip & seed bird feeder is attractive in design and appeal. The neutral decor of the product would fit into any home. Set up of the feeder is easy and requires no instructions. Each silo can house seed and water, water and water, or both can house seed making this feeder multi-functional with the interchangeable bases.

Hanging the feeder was simple as well. I hung the copper trellis first and then the silos to avoid spills and splashes. I enjoy the look of the feeder as well off of my back patio as it is not an eye sore or an obstruction in any way. The sip and seed bird feeder can be used to feed and water birds of all sorts. Simple and functional and the birds enjoy the pit stop.

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