Hottest New Girls Toy Hot Locks

We all know how hot those pesky pets were, so how about another hot new toy for the season with Hot Locks for girls! My Little Bitty received a Hot Locks Deluxe Morgan to play with as part of the MomSelect Hot Locks toy promotion and giveaway.

hot locks, think wow toys, mom selectWhile Sara may be a bit young at age two she LOVES her Hot Locks Morgan with 28″ of hair to play with, style, and twirl. However, she is all girl with playing with her bright colored Morgan Hot Locks doll. Although she cannot get the full play now, we have had lots of fun styling her “pretty” as Sara calls her brightly colored barrettes and hair ties.

The hair is made of a soft vinyl that can be detangled by the included styling comb. But the hair can become twisted around the doll and in knots if not stored properly. The dolls clothing all stays on the doll (super plus mom!) , but some parts are small enough to be considered a choking hazard. So the suggested age would be 4-6. Each doll comes with different accessories, names, and a coordinating hot locks extension for your daughter to sport in her hair as well!

Your daughter too can play with this fun hair doll where they can spend hours of play andhot locks, styling. Win a Hot Locks Ami doll, and for those who do not win the doll get a choice of Hot Locks hair extension for your daughter so she can be a Hot Locks girl too!

Main Entry

Tell me what you think your daughter would love most about this brightly colored at home salon full doll. Visit the Hot Locks site and tell me which doll or which options.

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90 Replies to “Hottest New Girls Toy Hot Locks”

  1. I’m so excited you’re giving away the Ami doll because she’s our favorite! I love how she’s described as ultra determined and kind-hearted, like every girl should be!

    We also like the Hot Locks Braid & Style Salon. I say “we” because the doll would be for my daughter, but I love to collect and play with dolls, too, so we would enjoy the Ami doll together.


  2. My daughter would love Ami because the Ami doll looks just like her and she loves combing and styling her dolls’ hair.

  3. My daughters favorite would probably be Harlow, because she looks the most like her, but she would love Ami and love fixing her hair.

  4. My daughter would love to style her doll’s hair to mirror hers, or perhaps swing it and hit her big brother when he teases her !

  5. Bella would like that the hair is long enough for her to braid. She’d like Morgan because of the purple hair.

  6. She would love styling her hair. I think she would love the Ryann doll the most.

  7. We love all the dolls but the favorite is Harlow! The girls love that you have enough hair on the doll to actually do something with! The salon kits that you can purchase are awesome too! thanks for the giveaway!

  8. My daughter would have a lot of fun practicing braiding on these dolls. I think she would like morgan best because her favorite color is purple.

  9. My granddaughter does her own hair many different ways so I know she would be entranced with this doll.

  10. Would like the Kai doll for my granddaughter Alaiya. Thanks so much for this offer 🙂

  11. I have to say Morgan, my granddaughter loves country western music and this would be grand for her.Thanks for a chance!

  12. My daughter loves to play hairdresser, and the one she would love is Morgan, her hair color is wild!l

  13. My daughter would love to have the Harlow doll. She loves to play with her dolls hair and this would be great for her.

  14. My niece would love putting in the colored hair extensions and she would love the doll Kai

  15. My daughter would love the Ami doll it looks the most like her. I think she would love the colors thanks for the chance

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