Small & Short

I’m small. I’m 4”9 and in 6th grade, I’m also 65 pounds, I’m small for my age. Its because I have fast or high metabolism. Having a high metabolism means your body burns energy from food at a faster rate than your peers. My mother keeps getting a letter for my school saying that I’m ”Underweight“. To be honest, its kind of annoying because its just the way that I’m built. They keep sending it to her. Its kinda hard at school to be short and small when everyone else towers over me. People think its OK just to call people shorter or smaller than them, names! People call me names like, shrimp, midget, shortie, and, Chihuahua (Because I’m small and “annoying”).

Everybody always says “Just ignore them, it will all be OK“. But its actually really hard to do that, especially if they keep doing it. The thing that they realize is that it brings down my self esteem and it hurts the most when they laugh afterwards. I always try to mask myself as a weird and funny person, that makes people laugh! But sometimes people often just think that I’m being annoying or “Too open”. What does that even mean? My mom once asked me, “What type of fruit would you be?” I said I would be a Pear, because some people don’t like me, but that’s OK, because in the end, I’m still me and I love myself! ❤️ 

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