Smelly Towels and Washer

Ladies do you have  a front loader washer that is just a stinker? Or how about a standard top loader, is it a stinky washing machine? Does your stinker of a washer cause your clothes and especially your towels to be, well, smelly?

As an owner of a Frigidaire front loader I adore and struggle to tolerate my smelly washer. For the most part my clothes are phenomenally clean as compared to my top loader. My clothes are also in much better condition due to my front loader. However, my front loader is a STINKER!

I have tried everything from switching to an eco-friendly laundry detergent, to air drying the washer to allow adequate circulation, to using a washing machine cleaner to eliminate the smell that can emulate from my washer.

The folks over at Smelly Washer sent me a bottle to do laundry with and to help eliminate the stench. I followed the easy directions and did a few loads empty to help eliminate the smell first and wash my washing machine. I felt that a clean washer was the first step to having fresh smelling laundry. I did several loads to be honest. My nose does not tolerate foul scents at all.

After allowing the crystals (substance) to clean the inside of my washer I decided to toss in some loads of laundry and really put the claim to the test of taking out the smell. The first load, a small stench still existed, probably remnants from the “colonic” cleansing I put my washer through earlier.  So I ran the load again and VOILA! My clothes smelled professionally cleaned and as if they were hung on the clothes line, fresh, crisp and velvety soft.

The only caveat….my washer is still a stinker. So I am not sure if there is something else in my washer or what the deal is that is causing it to be a stinker. But my towels smell phenomenal. Not that they were stinky or unbearable before, but they are fabs now!

Are you suffering from a stinky washer and towels? Tell me….and tell me what you have done to rid your washer and towels and clothes of stink so you can have your own bottle in your home.

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55 Replies to “Smelly Towels and Washer”

  1. I have never whiffed my washer, but tomorrow I will . I know when I leave anything in at when its hot out, it gets stinky. Its a Kenmore top loader.
    Maybe its the heat that does it? I wash almost everything in cold and dont use tons of soap.

  2. I do believe, my Dear Karie, we have the same washing machine! I have the same exact “smells” you speak of! In fact, I thought you must have snuck all the way across NM & TX while we were gone yesterday to take a”whiff” of my smelly washer, and didn’t even bother to say HI!! (lol) I’m interested in this product you speak of! I was once told that there is some sort of “lip or catch” you can purchase that will reduce the amount of water that ends up in the front of the washer itself. Which is where I think the majority of the smells come from. Although, I have yet to call the company and ask them about it! Ryan (when he does the laundry…on rare occasions) is very good about cleaning out the front lip of it with a paper towel, to remove some of the “debris” and water that usually just sits there. That or buying new towels is the only thing I can think of to stop the smelly monster from invading my clean clothes. Oh yes, and I air it out quite frequently!

  3. My washer does smell! I haven’t tried much to rid the smell, didn’t think you could. I noticed when i use bleach it helps a little though. But it always comes back! I would love to win this to get rid of it for good!

  4. I have run vinegar through the washer to get rid of the odor but that hasn’t really helped.

  5. I have to leave my washer door open all the time, the only time it is closed is when it is running a cycle. This seems to help with the washer smell. As far as towels; I don’t think there is a cure for smelly towels other than buying new often.

  6. I, too have been trying to rid my washer of foul odor. I sometimes spray a little Febreeze inside and close the loader when I’ m not doing laundry and I’ve tossed a couple of satchels inside but you have to remember to take them out before a wash or else you’ll really have a mess.

  7. Since we have really hard water ours smells really bad..I bleach it out and leave the door open as much as possible..I am dying to try this product!!!

  8. I suffer from smelly washer at times. I just thought it was because it was in the basement but then I found out I was wrong when I heard about Smelly Washer. I try to leave my HE top loader washer lid open but that isn’t really doing much for it. Thanks for the chance.

  9. Our washer stinks. Thankfully, you can’t smell it in our clothes but you can get a good whiff of it in our towels.

  10. My towels ARE stinky! I just tjhought it was my husband sweating more, so I bought some really stron smelling detergent and liquid fabric softener. It works for a couple days then the stink is back and I have to change them out.

  11. We have a new front loader so it hasn’t started having any problems with smelliness yet. It would be great to be prepared if any start. Thanks for the giveaway.

  12. Seriously….my washer is SO stinky. I have had a front loading HE washing machine for about 5 years now and it has developed some major funky smell. When you open the door to our laundry room even you can smell it. I’d love to try this out. Thanks.

  13. My washer isn’t really “stinky” but it leaves the laundry smelling stale instead of fresh. When I use borax it seems to help.

  14. Sometimes twice the fabric softener sheets in the dryer. It smells so bad sometimes.

  15. I use vinigar in my rinse cycle and that helps make my clothes smell better but i don’t know if it helps clean the washer or not.

  16. I’ve used bleach to try to remove the stink from towels and clothes but that doesn’t always work.

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