Spring Beauty Products

Spring Beauty Products

After a long harsh winter our skin may be in need of repair from the heat of our homes, the bitter cold, and overall day-to-day. Some of us may be doing some spring cleaning which may even include our beauty regimen or beauty products. For me, I wanted to find some products that are not only good for my skin, but good all around for the environment. Here are a few spring beauty products that I found and tried out for skin and hair.

Skin Care

Exfoliation is a great way to help slough off the dry and irritated winter skin. By exfoliating, we can reveal fresh skin that is healthy and glowing. Too much exfoliation can also occur which may cause irritation to the skin as well. What I found in my quest to find an exfoliant that did not leave beads clogging our water ways or my pores was Dew Puff, a konjac sponge.

How can a sponge help exfoliate your skin let alone be good for you? Don’t sponges hold in gunk and bacteria?

dew puff, spring beauty products, konjac sponge, elephant yamDew Puff is great because it is not a traditional sponge. Made from konjac root, or elephant yam, this “sponge” is plant based, compostable, and biodegradable. The dew drop shaped sponge resembles a pumice stone with the porous surface, however, upon adding water, it quickly absorbs the moisture to create a pillow soft cleansing sponge.

Dew Puff comes in three varieties, original, Asian Clay and Bamboo Charcoal. I personally have been using the Bamboo Charcoal and love how easy to care for and use on my skin. I have finicky skin so the bamboo charcoal is great for my blemishes while still being gentle. Cleaning the Dew Puff is also easy, just boil for a couple minutes or place in the microwave to sanitize. Let cool and dry by hanging by the cotton string, ensuring all water has been extracted. That’s it! So simple.

Shortly after cleansing and exfoliating my skin will need some moisture. What most people do not realize is that our skin can be so stripped that we forget to replace this moisture. Our skin will work overtime producing natural oils which can clog and agitate our skin if we do not properly moisturize and or if we are constantly keeping our skin in a dried or over oiled state. As we age, our skin loses much of its natural moisture an elasticity, so we have to love and care for our largest organ.

One such moisturizer that I found gentle on my skin, had natural ingredients such as organic aloe, avocado and grape seed was Aminocare. Aminocare has these wonderful anti-aging ingredients that help moisturize, brighten, and promote healing of aged and damaged skin. Hard to believe that I am among the “aged skin” group because I do not consider myself old, but as I crest into my 40s I am seeing a greater need for a more specialized product for my skin and skin type.

spring beauty products, aminocare, aminocare reverse aging, skin care, spring skin careAminocare is a velvetty smooth, face cream that you can use for under eyes, age spots, and overall dryness. I noticed no scents or perfumes other than the natural ingredients of aloe, shea, and essential oils. Aminocare has a complete line of skin care for men, women, body washes, lotions, shampoos and more. Harnessing the power of nature coupled with the performance of science.

Hair Care

One of my all time favorite products that I have used for years is my Mason Pearson junior hair brush. This is the luxury of all hair brushes and I have NEVER had to replace this beauty tool. Do you know of any brushes that carry a one year warranty against defects? How about a brush that evenly distributes your natural oils and prevents breakage and split ends? Does your brush do that? My guess is your answer is no.

The Mason Pearson brush was developed over 100 years ago and has a patented cushion to prevent over brushing your scalp. What I love about my brush is how easily I can take care of the paddle with its accessory brush that helps remove buildup and keep my brush free and clear after every use. Literally, this brush will last you an entire lifetime and well worth the investment, I have had my brush for over 10 years and only the lettering shows signs of wear.

Before you even brush, or maybe after, your hair might need the right conditioning. Just like my skin, my hair is finicky as well. Hair products have to be gentle yet effective. I have tried many hair products claiming to be excellent for dry scalps, damaged hair, etcetera, only to cause more damage or harm to my hair and scalp than when I started.

Living in Arizona, the arid climate, and my constant on the go lifestyle at the gym causes my hair to be exceptionally dry so I am always moisturizing and conditioning my hair either with a leave-in oil treatment like argan oil or I am deep conditioning after I wash. Mind you I only wash my hair but once every few (3-4) days to avoid extra stresses and drying. The folks at Maple Holistics have a wonderful hair conditioner that is great for dried, stressed and treated hair.

spring beauty products, hair care, hair conditioner, natural hair careAfter a single use my hair was full, soft, manageable and bouncy. The weight was great and did not feel heavy like with most conditioners, and low frizz. Often conditioners have waxes in them that weigh down your hair and just coat your locks, I did not have that feeling with Silk 18. My only deterrent with the Silk 18 from Maple Holistics is the scent. While they tout a “soft, natural vanilla undertones” I felt the vanilla was rather heavy and overbearing for my taste, but like my hair and skin, I too am fickle.

What are some of your favorite beauty finds? Do you find yourself cleaning up your beauty regimen with the seasons? What are your go to spring beauty products to brighten your winter skin? Do you update your beauty products in the spring or use the same products year round?

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  1. I really appreciate the heads up on all the new Spring Beauty Products. I especially like the Aminocare moisturizer that is gentle on the skin and has natural ingredients such as organic aloe, avocado and grape seed.

  2. Aminocare sounds like a terrific product that I can use for anti-aging. I would also like the Mason Pearson junior hair brush. It does sound wonderful.

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