Spring Cleaning “Truly” Done

Spring and summer weather dawn the days of increased creatures, crawlies, bugs and the like. As a desert dweller, Arizona native, we know that the warmer temps definitely mean that tiny creatures will be crawling, flying and scurrying about. In addition to the warm weather, rain and humidity often bring about pests that can cause damage and are very costly. Adding pest maintenance to our spring cleaning routine has become habitual.

One might think that living in an arid and dry climate such as Arizona we would not be susceptible to the most expensive property damaging pests; termites. These little buggers are estimated to incur $5 billion in property damage costs each year. Sadly, home owners insurance rarely covers these wood chomping menaces, and the path of destruction accounts for more than combined damages of storms, floods, and fires.

termites, pest prevention, spring cleaning, truly nolenLast year our home saw a rather extensive infestation that we quickly remedied. But while in the throes of the chaos of what to do with these nasty little pests, we experienced stress from trying to gauge how catastrophic the infestation truly was and the overall costs associated with treatment and repair, if needed.

However, you can be armed with the necessary tools to treat and avoid termite infestations with Truly Nolen; they can provide you with the following information in first line defense to combat these springtime pests. Some tools to help identify and cope with termites:

  • Small wrench to tighten your pipes. Remember, termites love moisture!
  • Number 2 pencil. Mud tunnels are pencil-sized tubes that protrude from a house’s exterior walls and serve as an environment of protection and moisture for termites.
  • Measuring tape so you can be sure that your home has the recommended minimum of 6 to 8 inches between ground level and porch steps, lattice work, door or window frames, etc.
  • Small flashlight to help you search for rippled or sunken traces behind wall coverings, which are indicative of termite infestation.
  • Truly Nolen stress ball to keep you calm while preparing for this year’s termite season.

Above all else, just know its not IF you will get termites, but a matter of when. No one is safe from these destructive pests, but now you can be ready to take preventative measures. As you are prepping your home for the arrival of warmer weather and impending pets during your spring cleaning, be sure to add pest control and prevention to your list as well.

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