Fad Diets and You

Your health is one of your most relevant and important concerns. An area that greatly impacts your overall health and wellbeing is your diet. The need to eat better and live healthier is a challenge people face every day and there are many services helping people do just that. GoEatRightNow.com allows you to track your eating habits in a more in-depth way and understand your relationship with food and why you eat the way you do. Understanding your relationship with food is key to changing your diet for the long term and achieving results that last.

When trying to adjust your diet, many people start with what they eat and, instead of why they eat it resulting in a never-ending rotation of various fad diets. While the effort is honest and well-intended fad diets do not work in providing the long-lasting change you need to improve your life. There are many fundamental reasons fad diets do not work for the long term.

Why Fad Diets Do Not Work

  • Impractical: many fad diets are simply impractical due to how limiting they are. Some fad diets greatly limit the types of food you can eat often eliminating entire categories of food making for a very limited diet. Other fad diets have very specific directions requiring you to eat certain foods at certain times, eating foods in groups, or never eating two types of food at the same time. Due to how strict these types of diets are, they are completely impractical as a long-term solution.
  • Improper Weight Loss: not all weight loss is necessarily a good thing. Fad diets can cause a person to lose weight, but that weight may be in muscle mass or simply losing water weight. Due to the limited menu of most fad diets, they are deprivation diets and while limited in calories and fat, they can also be limited in needed nutrients, making them unhealthy outside a small window of weight loss. A diet should certainly be healthy. However, it should not be solely focused on weight loss, above all else as this can be unhealthy.
  • Not Sustainable: finally, fad diets are simply not sustainable over a long period of time. Between the strict rules and limit food selection, most people cannot stay on a fad diet for more than a few months making it an impractical solution for long-term goals such as changing your diet. When you change your diet it is a permanent adjustment to how your approach food and your relationship with it and a gimmicky fad diet simply cannot accomplish this. In addition, many fad diets can lead to regaining any lost weight once you stop following the very strict rules of the diet.  

Final Thoughts

Diet is an important part of your life. However, it’s a part many people do not take a holistic view of. A good diet is a lifetime thing and not something that should be broken down into short-term unsustainable solutions. By taking an honest examination of your diet and its underlying reasons, you can make long-lasting solutions that improve your overall wellbeing.

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