Jackpot Candle with Jewelry Inside

Jackpot Candles

Candles can be more than a light to accent your home décor; we believe that candles can offer an experience that does not stop after the flame has died. Our hand-poured candles are made with 100% natural soy that creates a lovely, long-lasting flame to fill your home with amazing scents. Using only the best environmentally friendly materials, our candles provide bold, distinctive fragrances that fit any mood and any budget. Whether you crave the aromas of fresh baked holiday cookies and pies or the fresh, clean scent of flowering gardens and mountain breezes, our wide range of products will transform your home into a welcoming space of comfort and relaxation. Continue reading “Jackpot Candle with Jewelry Inside”

Share The Love with Compassion Brands

compassion brands, anti-bullyingThe anti-bullying movement has been on the rise, more and more people are sporting their pride through passion. While purple and indigo are wonderful colors, not everyone would enjoy flaunting the color to indicate their support. On The Five Fish quest to find unique, functional and amazing gifts we found fashion, with a statement. The statement is of love, no more hate, hope to make a difference; what better way to make a difference than to make a statement in fashion.

We are a family all about love and equality. Sporting a trend of kindness and love where we believe everyone is created equal no matter what. What better way to boast our support of the anti-bullying movement, having a small aversion to purple and indigo is through stylish fashion that we found in Compassion Brands.The Five Fish, Gift guide, The Five Fish gift guide

Compassion Brands is more than just fashion for a cause. Compassion Brands is fashion that makes a difference with a financial contribution, a charitable donation with each purchase as a reminder for those who see the brand and wear the brand that they are not alone. Bullying was chosen by Compassion Brands because of the role it plays in society and is not limited to children on playgrounds; bullying is prominent to every facet in our society and plagues our world as a whole. The simple solution of their brand: Be kind to yourself and the people around you.

compassion brands jewelry, anti-bullying jewelrySo Compassion Brands has a great message on their apparel and jewelry. I received the 20 inch double necklace with Swarovski crystals. The first chain has a heart with a message on the front: Live with Love. The second chain has the anti symbol to promote anti-bullying. I love the message! In my home we have a message, Love God, Love People, Do Stuff. Compassion Brands epitomizes what The Five Fish support, loving others and yourself including all of our differences; my kids have fully embraced this message and sport their support to share with other kids their age.

compassion brands, compassion brands tees, anti-bullyingWhether you are looking for fun apparel or jewelry or that unique gift for your gift recipient who supports making a difference for the greater good, Compassion Brands is sure to please. With the gorgeous 18K gold necklaces and bracelets accented by beautiful Swarovski crystals and the more hipster leather bracelets to the more masculine rubber and paracord bracelets. Or if your fashionista prefers apparel choose from any of the over half dozen cotton tanks displaying messages like: Mind Over Matter and Love Your Selfie.

Great for stocking stuffers or that excellent accent gift. Compassion Brands is affordably priced ranging from as low as $10 to as much as $150 for some of the jewelry that they have gifts for everyone for all budgets.

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Make Your Home Sparkle with JewelScent

jewelscent,jewelscent candles, soy wax candlesI am a firm believer in giving and or receiving great smelling gifts. Perfumes and candles are by far an all time favorite to gift and receive. These gifts continue to give throughout the year or years. What better gift than one that is functional and continues to give even past the holidays. Candles are a staple on my gift giving and receiving list. The Chad is always good to gift me beautiful candles that I can decorate throughout the house with their beauty and aromatic scents. This year we found a gem of a candle company, literally.With the simple light of the wick, the candle begins to emit a most wonderful smell and an additional gift, a jewel. The gift of JewelScent, candles, soaps, wax tarts and more.The Five Fish, Gift guide, The Five Fish gift guide

I received the Jewel Scent, grapefruit-pomegranate soy wax candle to burn in my home for this holiday season. Soy wax candles are my favorite based on the blend as they burn longer and are a bit better for you than traditional wax candles. They have fewer carcinogens and are great for those who may have allergies or sensitivities to perfumes and pollutants. The scent is powerful without being overbearing or choking, part of the process that Jewel Scent has utilized is using luxury oils that produce a wonderful scent without burning off or overwhelming your home.

jewelscent candleGrapefruit-pomegranate is available in the JewelScent Signature collection, wonderful for the energizing qualities of citrus and are a magnificent compliment to my home here in the Southwest where we pride ourselves in having an excellent climate for citrus. The scent reminds me of cool evenings and early mornings from November to April when the citrus blossoms are ripe with perfume, energizing and relaxing to me all at once. However, you can choose any scent you like from the various candle collections, wax tarts (wax melts), body scrubs and more, each is sure to be a sweet-smelling fragrance to your home.

More so is the story behind the brand. A mom on a mission to make a difference and share her passion of lovely goods that invoke feelings with their scents. Sounds like a woman after my own heart, she with home goods, I with food.

The most rewarding part of JewelScent is the hidden gem lingering in each product. Valuing anywhere from $10 to $7500 each JewelScent product houses a ring that is manufactured and is of quality found in major department stores. Literally this is a gift that keeps on giving for your loved ones this holiday season.jewelscent beads, jewelscent candles, jewelscent

How Does JewelScent Work? For the candles, just light and let your candle burn until you see the gold foil. Snuff out your candle. Carefully remove the pouch with a pair of tweezers. Unwrap the gold foil to see what ring you will find. For those who might be concerned with the value, all gems valued under $100 are provided a gold token. Think Willy Wonka meets Tiffany as the token can be redeemed for high value gems. All you have to do is snap a picture front and back of the token then send an email to JewelScent or use your #JewelScentTokens hastag on Instagram or Twitter.

So if you are looking to shop for that unique gift that keeps on giving, JewelScent is your choice, all of their products are affordably priced at under $50. Not only are their products functional with more than a single use, but imagine the surprise your gift recipient experiences when they find their hidden gem. This gift is sure to be memorable this holiday season where you can share the gift of jewels and scents.

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Muichic Tagua Jewelry

muichic jewelry, vegan jewelryKeeping up with my organic themed lifestyle I wanted to find gifts that are affordable, sustainable, and organic. Let’s face the facts that most gifts are made to be disposable, non-reusable, and or garbage. No one speaks of heirloom gifts that are passed on anymore; cheap this, cheap that, gift card, sure they are nice, but who want’s nice. I have gifts that I have been receiving that are from when my mother gifted them to my grandmother, talk about being green and an heirloom item. Oh I digress with the rambling.

So while on the prowl for great sustainable and organic gifts I came across Muichic Tagua Jewelry. Such a unique name, which the phonetic is moo-ee-sheek. The company intrigued me because their base product is almost essentially vegan. How crazy is that, considering most jewelry is created from a fine gem or metal such as a diamond and or gold. But long gone are the days of drilling and mining. Muichic creates their gorgeous jewelry from the nut that grows on a palm tree in South America. Yes, I said a NUT from a TREE. Talk about sustainability, low environmental impact, and remarkably the end product is stunning. Here is more about Muichic:

Tagua is our raw material. All of our pieces are made by hand from “tagua nut”. The tagua nut, a botanical alternative to ivory (a.k.a. vegetable ivory), is a seed that comes from the ivory-nut palm which grows wild in the humid tropical forest of South America. Its use stimulates the local economies in the region providing an alternative to cutting down rainforests for farming.

Unique accessories that are environmentally friendly & gracefully chic make up our natural bijoux collection…bold, playful & colorful goodness for your body. All of our pieces come in different colors and like snowflakes they all differ from one another. Each tagua nut has its own distinctive grain and shape which gives a remarkably uncommon quality to each piece of jewelry. Quality & individual variation on each piece are guaranteed.

muichic jewelry, vegan jewelryNow I am not a huge “bling” girl, I am not into chunky jewelry, bold statements, minimalist is best for me, it screams classy and I wanted to share my taste with my readers this holiday season about the beauty and dramatic statement from a vegan, organic, sustainable gift that is sure to wow any recipient. Plus this is a gift that is sure to last for many generations. Muichic offers many varieties of neckware, earware, fingerware, and wristware or for those whom are not fans of the bling can delve into the homeware with centerpieces and miscellaneous decor to add warmth to any home.

You too can surprise a loved one this holiday season with the organic, sustainable, vegan , stunning beauty of a piece of muichic tagua jewelry. Here is how you can surprise them this holiday season with the LIM Bracelet in red:

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