#MooveRing for Active Lifestyles

If you follow my personal Facebook and Instagram you know that my life is always on the go. Boy Scouts, off-road adventures and of course my daily dose of sweat. I love to hit the gym and lift weights. Nothing is more exhilarating and uplifting than building strength in my body and getting those endorphin’s moving. However, for a ladies hands, jewelry and weightlifting quite literally do not go hand-in-hand. I find I am adjusting my hands to avoid damage to my wedding band or I find I am building callouses or I bang my ring on the equipment. All of these scenarios are just awful for our hands and our jewelry, but there is a solution, a ring for folks with active lifestyles.

silicone ring, active ring, moove ringThe Moove Ring is the solution those of us on the go are needing in our lives. Now that our summers are cooling off and we are headed into our cool season here in Arizona I will be doing more hiking and outdoor activities with our kids on top of my fitness schedule. That means more opportunity to bang up my wedding band and or worse, I could damage and lose my diamond. I love wearing my ring, but I hate that I scratch it, bang it on stuff and or it just gets in the way because the metal does not bend and flex.

The Moove Ring is a silicone ring that will not limit your activities and or range of motion. Moove Rings are made from medical grade silicone, which is resilient like your skin and 350 times stronger! Moove Rings have the highest tensile strength available which means it’s simply more durable than any other silicone ring. Wear it when you’re doing something athletic or at work, and it will guarantee your focus is where it should be so you perform your best. And it’s perfect for best friend rings too.

I love my Moove Ring because I can have the comfort of wearing a band without the discomfort of trying to prevent injury to myself and or my ring while participating in my favorite activities. I am thankful for the team at Moove for offering a ring for me to try out in my busy active life. The one thing I do wish they had was an assortment of colors, while black is really universal, I wouldn’t mind seeing some more feminine colors.

So whether you are an avid fitness lover, hiker, mountain climber, mountain biker, cyclist, or work with your hands and are looking for more comfort on your hands with your active lifestyle, the Moove Ring is sure to be an excellent alternative to protecting your investment. The Moove Ring fits like any standard precious metal band without the concerns of injury or damage or loss to your investment. The bonus is you can preserve the symbolism of wearing your wedding band.

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above in exchange for review from Giveaway Service website. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

4 Replies to “#MooveRing for Active Lifestyles”

  1. This sounds like a great idea. It is to easy to bang up our rings or lose diamonds. I have done both. Thank you for sharing

  2. I have been thinking of getting one of these for my husband. He has a really nice band that we’ve had to have fixed many times because he works on his 46 Jeep Willy and constantly smashes fingers. He also works out and about and has smashed the ring, that said I want it know the handsome man is taken!

  3. I’ve never heard of the Moove Ring!! I love the idea so much though! I’m really considering purchasing one! It’s a lovely way of showing your love while avoiding injury from movement!

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