The Best 4 Home Decorating Ideas You Likely Haven’t Tried Yet

With just a little home decorating, you can transform a generic space into one that truly feels like home. However, if the goal is to make your house feel more personalized and tailored to your tastes, the last thing you want to do is fall into the trap of recycling decorating ideas that are overused or cliché. By following a handful of unique décor tips, you can craft a really special space that’s sure to feel one hundred percent personal. Check out four of these ideas you likely haven’t tried out yet.

1. Use Pillows to Add a Cozy Vibe

Part of making a house feel like home is adding enough cozy touches to give the space a welcoming vibe, and one of the easiest ways to do this is by adding Cariloha bamboo pillows to each room as a decorative feature. Pillows not only make the bedroom look warmer and more comfortable but can provide softness and support for you as well. Popular placement locations include couches and beds, but you can even stack some in a corner for easy access. Whichever location you choose, be sure to select colors and patterns that jibe well with the rest of your overall color scheme.

2. Pull Out Vintage Items Proudly

You might have wondered what you were going to do with that antique grandfather clock or that vintage rug that you got from your grandparents. If you want to add a truly unique touch to your home, special hand-me-downs and other irreplaceable vintage items are ideal. Now is the perfect time to pull out any antiques you haven’t been using and find a spot for them throughout the house to add the ultimate personal touch.

3. Add Mood Lighting to Every Room

When you think of mood lighting, you probably think it’s something that should be saved only for special occasions. However, you can dress up any room by adding customized lighting! After all, poor lighting can make even the best-decorated space look drab. Consider adding fashionable light fixtures or hanging twinkle lights, depending on your style.

4. Put Your Collectible Items on Full Display

Many homes have standard-fare items like side tables or coat racks, but one feature that would truly be unique to your home is any collectible items you may have. Showcasing prized possessions, family heirlooms and other collections can put the finishing touch on your home and act as a signature stamp sure to leave a strong impression on guests. One idea for displaying these items is putting them in a glass case in a prominent area, such as a dining room. You can also put them on top of a fireplace mantel or have shelves installed throughout the house for them.

Decorating your home can feel like a deeply personal endeavor. If you’re the sort of person who doesn’t want to get stuck in a cookie-cutter, generic space that could be anywhere or belong to anyone, going for out-of-the-box design choices is key. By working in some of these unique decorative ideas, you can add your own touch to your home and make it stand out from the crowd in practically no time at all.

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