3 Tips for Keeping a Beautiful Backyard Pond

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It can take a lot of effort to create an oasis of a backyard, including the time and work of having a pond designed and installed. After all that investment, you probably want to keep your pond looking (and smelling) its best. After all, your backyard is meant to be enjoyed. Here are three tips for maintaining your backyard pond or water feature. Continue reading “3 Tips for Keeping a Beautiful Backyard Pond”

The Best 4 Home Decorating Ideas You Likely Haven’t Tried Yet

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With just a little home decorating, you can transform a generic space into one that truly feels like home. However, if the goal is to make your house feel more personalized and tailored to your tastes, the last thing you want to do is fall into the trap of recycling decorating ideas that are overused or cliché. By following a handful of unique décor tips, you can craft a really special space that’s sure to feel one hundred percent personal. Check out four of these ideas you likely haven’t tried out yet.

1. Use Pillows to Add a Cozy Vibe

Part of making a house feel like home is adding enough cozy touches to give the space a welcoming vibe, and one of the easiest ways to do this is by adding Cariloha bamboo pillows to each room as a decorative feature. Pillows not only make the bedroom look warmer and more comfortable but can provide softness and support for you as well. Popular placement locations include couches and beds, but you can even stack some in a corner for easy access. Whichever location you choose, be sure to select colors and patterns that jibe well with the rest of your overall color scheme.

2. Pull Out Vintage Items Proudly

You might have wondered what you were going to do with that antique grandfather clock or that vintage rug that you got from your grandparents. If you want to add a truly unique touch to your home, special hand-me-downs and other irreplaceable vintage items are ideal. Now is the perfect time to pull out any antiques you haven’t been using and find a spot for them throughout the house to add the ultimate personal touch.

3. Add Mood Lighting to Every Room

When you think of mood lighting, you probably think it’s something that should be saved only for special occasions. However, you can dress up any room by adding customized lighting! After all, poor lighting can make even the best-decorated space look drab. Consider adding fashionable light fixtures or hanging twinkle lights, depending on your style.

4. Put Your Collectible Items on Full Display

Many homes have standard-fare items like side tables or coat racks, but one feature that would truly be unique to your home is any collectible items you may have. Showcasing prized possessions, family heirlooms and other collections can put the finishing touch on your home and act as a signature stamp sure to leave a strong impression on guests. One idea for displaying these items is putting them in a glass case in a prominent area, such as a dining room. You can also put them on top of a fireplace mantel or have shelves installed throughout the house for them.

Decorating your home can feel like a deeply personal endeavor. If you’re the sort of person who doesn’t want to get stuck in a cookie-cutter, generic space that could be anywhere or belong to anyone, going for out-of-the-box design choices is key. By working in some of these unique decorative ideas, you can add your own touch to your home and make it stand out from the crowd in practically no time at all.

How to Increase the Value of Your Home


Increasing the value of your home is always a good idea. Even if you aren’t planning on selling it anytime soon (or ever), you never know when you might change your mind. And even if you never sell your home, increasing its value will add to the ambiance and comfort you feel there now. Future generations might also benefit from your home’s increased value if you plan to leave it with your children or grandchildren. Continue reading “How to Increase the Value of Your Home”

Tips for Renovating Your Kitchen

Renovating your kitchen is a big project that comes with many important decisions, especially if you are someone who cooks frequently. There are many things to consider during a kitchen makeover that will ensure the functionality of your space. If you are worried about getting the most out of your rehab, you have come to the right place. Here are a few tips that will help your decision-making process.

Continue reading “Tips for Renovating Your Kitchen”

The Purpose Of Commercial Lighting

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Stores need great lighting to display what they offer to sell. Offices need it so that their employees can work without straining their eyes. Factories and other industrial areas need it to keep their workers safe. There are multiple needs for commercial lighting and several options of systems to choose from. Which one you need depends on the application it will be used for. Here are a few options for Commercial Lighting Systems Queensbury. Continue reading “The Purpose Of Commercial Lighting”

Home Improvement: Mrs. Fish’s Thursday Tips and Tricks

One of my friends asked me the other day,”Karie, is your house always this perfect? All the time? With Twins? And you were going to school? And you work out of the house? And, and and…..”

I felt so embarrassed, I mean I really do try to let my house go. To let the dishes pile up, the laundry spill out into the adjoining rooms, for my house to collect dust like the desert floor. I mean I really do try to let the old girl go sometimes.

But with three kids, a husband and a dog who cannot distinguish her own identity you learn a few little tricks here and there that help you stay on top of all the messes and keep a clean house without spending days or endless hours slaving, only for your hard work to be flushed away.

Here are my tips and tricks to staying on top of my house:

  • I don’t spend one WHOLE day cleaning and doing laundry. I spread the love around. I do laundry everyday, a load at a time, this way, laundry gets done and I get caught up without spending an entire day devoted to dirty linens and such.
  • I clean my house one room at a time, or one section of the house at a time, one day at a time. This way I just have to maintain. I vacuum everyday, only because I hate crumbs and such under my bare feet. Maintaining is a lot easier than power cleaning.
  • I do dishes as they are dirtied. I run the dishwasher at night so in the morning I can unload it and start fresh, and I never have piles in my sink. (Well never say never…..DH has still to learn the location of the dishwasher to the sink.)
  • Trash is handled by DH and Big G….sometimes me if they slack.
  • Big G’s chore is to feed the confused Bulldog.
  • Little Bitty knows the location of the trash and recycling…..we are still working on the logistics.
  • Pickles Magoo only knows where the food is…..the fridge. And that it can go on the floor for the confused Bulldog to clean up. This makes sweeping a breeze.
Hope this helps some of you Mom’s who feel like your whole life revolves around cleaning the house. I try to look at it as “maintaining my perfection” (*cough…bullshit), OK, so I try. I have to say though that maintaining a clean house is easier than always trying to clean a dirty house. I hope to post some more of my Tips and Tricks.