The Power of Influence

My blog is too much fun these days, talking about life with my kids, now my evolving career, and of course, the controversy that is a “mommy blogger” community. I have been extremely curious as to the feedback on my Sweepin’ For Traffic post, which the feedback appears positive…I think.

I saw tweets which made me giggle, that I am “jealous,” that I am a “hater,” or maybe worse, I turned my blind eye and dug my heels in like I always do and thought as I always have “Fuck ’em.” These people have no bearing on my life, they have never taken the opportunity to interact with me, know my blog, know me, and really they could get bus tossed, like I did to them and I could care less what happens to them. Why? Because I am not considered an influencer.

In fact, they could retaliate and notify ALL the people I work with and really, I could care less. I speak my mind, in an intelligent manner, and if I caught the eye of someone about their less than honorable behavior, GOOD! Because my post was never to call anyone specifically out, it was informational. If a blogger WAS called out, maybe he or she might have considered their actions before and the consequences would not be the juncture for which we have arrived at today.

Furthermore, my post was about acknowledging that these bloggers are suppose to be “brand ambassadors,” “brand influencers,” and if they are considered as such, would they not be held to a higher standard of operation and ethical consideration? Yes, I think so. As for the petty, and truly petty statement of me being a jealous hater who would receive her karma:


I carry no jealousy. If someone has something that I like or I consider to be favorable, I work hard for it. No way do I back bite, lie, CHEAT, steal, or walk over ANYONE to get what I want or so desire in life. Why? Because I was raised with integrity; I was taught that anything of any value in life requires work, hard, back-breaking, elbow greasing work. I also could care less about the stats on my blog. I stated before my blog is like my old friend, someone I can turn to for voicing opinions, supported facts, and sharing common life experiences that may help someone not feel alone.

Also, if you want to read a great post about the power of influence among moms and how moms are the newest sell outs, who in my opinion wreak of Enron, Arthur Andersen, Halliburton, and my personal favorites Goldman Sachs and Washington Mutual; check out the post by Jessica Gottlieb and how moms are willing to pimp out a product that could aid and abet the premature death of their children. Moms are promoting products for the sake of being acknowledged for the brand, being an attachment per se, a pilot fish, a parasite for lack of a better word of what they do by supporting and promoting products they know nothing about, that they themselves would sell out to as I said for the sake of being attached to the name.

By no means am I riding any high horse, but I think that moms should really consider their power of influence, consider how your word on your blog, Twitter, Facebook, can really influence someone who may be on the fence, who may not know and trust ANOTHER MOM in their opinion and word on a product. I mean would you suggest a product to another mom that you did not COMPLETELY and fully trust? I know I have reviewed products that I am not a fan of…I clearly have stated so to allow other moms to make educated decisions. So moms, dads, folks, why would  you support, promote, and get involved with a brand you DO NOT fully trust, believe in? Is social media the new sell out program? Are influencer’s abusing their power for the sake of processed foods, a buck, for advantages? What are the gains?

Call me dumb…but I am not seeing a whole lot of positives among these influencer’s. Are bloggers turning more to being underpaid marketers just for the sake of being attached to the brand? What is the draw?

2 Replies to “The Power of Influence”

  1. WOW! Watched the video you had linked up there figuring it would be about someone talking about Lunchables, but that’s unreal! Don’t know what part of the country that was done in, but, a kid NOT knowing what a potato looked like? A 6yr old that doesn’t know what a tomato is? Eggplant might be tough to guess, but goodness!

  2. I read the article, and happened to watch that particular episode with Jamie Oliver. Not only did the children not know what a potato looked like, they also didn’t know what a tomato looked like.
    Mrs. Fish you are an influencer for the record. You’ve influenced me (although I don’t always listen). And I believe we all are influencers if not on other Moms then on our own children. What type of influence do we want to be?
    Do we want our children to be a brand? If we associate ourselves with a brand and spread that around, then our children will see it (even if they don’t read about it). They learn from us, and they should be our first priority.
    Ok – I’m going to stop now.

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