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The Five Fish are a “green,” eco-friendly family and recently I was contacted to receive and review The Ultimate Cloth. My first reaction was Sham-Wow. I know…I am terrible but that was my thought. My second thought was that this cloth is like the Mr. Clean sponge and laden with formaldehyde and harsh chemicals.

When I received the Ultimate Cloth I put it to the test.

The first item on the list of benefits was “Guaranteed…never streak Windows, Mirrors or Glass.”

Fabulous! Let’s take a gander. So my children sit near a window in their high chairs, that window is the victim of many drive by foodings….lots of concrete applesauce and what have you accumulates throughout the day and quite literally I can spend hours scrubbing and then cleaning to obtain streak free windows. DAILY.

I was PLEASANTLY surprised to see that upon wetting the Ultimate Cloth and wringing the water from it that I truly did get a streak free shine as well as remove the drive by foodings. Amazing! Okay, so could it stand up to THE DOORS. Yes, my French doors. The doors that have received many a grubby hands, muddy feet and hands and slobbery dog faces smooshing on this door. AMAZING! Seriously the schmegma, gone. Just sa bit of extra elbow work into the cleaning and the French doors are now sparkling clean.

The secret is the Mira-Fiber technology. I was skeptical, as usual. Chemicals had to be in this product. Somewhere. Somehow. No way could this smooth cloth be so rough and durable. No way this cloth could take a beating around the house, be bleached, washed, used and repeat all over again and still not be in shreds.

I then put this bad boy to the true test of cleaning in the domicile of The Five Fish…..THE STAINLESS STEEL. If you have true stainless steel in your home you know what a PAIN the stainless is to keep, quite literally, stainless. Finger smudges are the worst along with the ugly black dust build-up. Stainless is only clean and steak free when using the stainless steel cleaner right? Nope. I used the Ultimate Cloth and again, extremely happy that I had a STREAK FREE appliance on my hands.

Now keep in mind. You must rinse after each use and wring in order to achieve maximum results.

The Ultimate Cloth is a great, green alternative to harsh chemicals and cleaners. I keep mine in the kitchen at all times for spills, little wipe downs, and tough scrubbings. What’s great….they offer a money back guarantee on this product and a FIVE year warranty. Who offers those kind of benefits. Not to mention the green benefit of washing and BLEACHING this product for use over and over again.

Want one for yourself? Or hey maybe as a great stocking stuffer? The Ultimate Cloth generally sells for $6 but for a limited time you can take advantage of this great offer and pay just $0.01 plus s/h for this fabulous cleaner! Limit one at that price, but hey….for the price you could order another as a gift or for yourself, or a friend! Order one now!

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  1. They show a hubcap and a window being cleaned with The Ultimate Cloth. I wonder if you can truly use the same cloth for that with just a simple rinse and wring. Is the cloth that good? You'd think it would get ruined after the car hubcap cleaning.

  2. You know I used it pretty extensively and wrung it out with HOT water. I love me some hot water and it truly cleaned without an issue. They claim in lab tests that the fibers pickup 96% of bacteria without chemicals…I can't vouch, but I can vouch that it rinses pretty well as opposed to the traditional wash rag and cloths.

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